Vertigo 2005: Live From Chicago

Vertigo 2005: Live From Chicago Front Sleeve

Vertigo 2005: Live From Chicago
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Release Date: November 14, 2005

Duration: 139 Minutes

Liner Notes:

Filmed on May 10, 2004 at United Center, Chicago Illinois. Concert Film: Director: Hamish Hamilton. Producer: Ned O'Hanlon. Executive Producer: Paul McGuinness. Supervising Producer: Frank Garritano. Show Designer: Willie Williams. Music Recorded by Robbie Adams. Music Produced by Carl Glanville. Aspect: 16:9. Sound: PCM Sound, DTS, Dolby 5.1 Surround. Language: English. Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese. DVD Authoring and Compression: Screen Scene, Dublin. Audio Consultant and quality control: Cheryl Engels at Partial Productions Inc. A Solo Too production for U2 Limited. Sleeve / Packaging Design by Four5One Creative. All titles written by U2 and published by Universal Music Publishing International., except Blue Mountain Music Ltd (UK), Mother Music (Ireland). Except "Wake Up" (Arcade Fire); "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" (Corgan), "No Regrets" (Tom Rush), "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (Gilmore Patrick Sarsfield). Bonus Materials: Tour Documentary - Director: Erica Forstadt, Producer: Ned O'Hanlon. Surveillance Edits - Concept, direction, photography by Willie Williams. Edited by Mark Reynolds at Swordfish. Produced by Sam Pattison at onedotzero. All Because of You / Miracle Drug - Performances live from HQ, Dublin, September 16, 2004. Directed, filmed and edited by Brian McCue.

Track List:

  1. Intro / City Of Blinding Lights (Performer [Intro: Wake Up]: Arcade Fire) (7:17)
  2. Vertigo / Stories For Boys (4:29)
  3. Elevation (4:33)
  4. The Cry / The Electric Co. / Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Written by [Bullet With Butterfly Wings]: Billy Corgan) (5:53)
  5. An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart (7:11)
  6. Beautiful Day (4:27)
  7. New Year's Day (4:57)
  8. Miracle Drug (Intro Speech) (3:04)
  9. Miracle Drug (4:00)
  10. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own / No Regrets (Written by [No Regrets]: Tom Rush) (5:34)
  11. Love And Peace Or Else (5:04)
  12. Sunday Bloody Sunday (6:29)
  13. Bullet The Blue Sky / When Johnny Comes Marching Home / The Hands That Built America (Written by [When Johnny Comes Marching Home]: Gilmore Patrick Sarsfield) (5:02)
  14. Running To Stand Still (6:55)
  15. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (4:18)
  16. Where The Streets Have No Name (5:53)
  17. One (Intro Speech) (3:40)
  18. One (6:50)
  19. Zoo Station (5:35)
  20. The Fly (5:24)
  21. Mysterious Ways (6:57)
  22. All Because Of You (4:02)
  23. Original Of The Species (5:47)
  24. Yaweh (3:42)
  25. "40" / Outro (11:16)

Bonus Track List:

  1. Beyond the Tour Documentary
  2. Surveillance Edits (Love and Peace or Else, An Cat Dubh, The Electric Co., Running To Stand Still)
  3. All Because of You (Live from HQ, Dublin, September 16, 2004)
  4. Miracle Drug (Live from HQ, Dublin, September 16, 2004)


  • Europe:
    • DVD: Island 987464-0 (Jewel Case), Island 987463-7 (Digipak / Two 5" Discs)
  • Japan:
    • DVD: Island UIBI-1010/1 (Digipak / Also with Promo Sticker on Back Sleeve)
  • USA:
    • DVD: Interscope B0005709-09 (Jewel Case), Interscope B0005710-09 (Digipak / Two 5" Discs)

Media Review:

Review: Vertigo 05 Live from Chicago

4 stars (out of 5)

By Cammila Albertson, All Music Guide

Vertigo 05 Live from Chicago, recorded in May of 2005 at the United Center in Chicago, accomplishes what any concert DVD seeks to do, simultaneously capturing the experiences of seeing U2 live and of seeing them from the impossible perspective offered by just such a recording. Both true fans and curious newcomers will appreciate the all-out production and emotional intensity included in this show, exemplified beautifully by the well-balanced mix of old and new tunes. The band lives up to its on-stage reputation with entertaining and impulsive stage antics that fall just short of becoming awkward. Bono handles this best: throwing water at the crowd, pretending to be a stripper, pretending to be a monkey, pretending to pet a cat, petting bassist Adam Clayton as if he were a cat, curling up in the fetal position by an amp, and inviting a 12-year-old boy on-stage to be serenaded during "Into the Heart" (a boy who would have appeared to be an obvious plant if not for the slightly bewildered look on his face). More serious and politically charged moments fill the performance as well, but are always accompanied by musical choices that make them evocative or enthralling, yet rarely heavy-handed. "Running to Stand Still," for instance, a performance that Bono dedicates to the men and women of the armed forces, glides into a somber "Hallelujah" prayer, which in turn leads into an onscreen projection of the International Declaration of Human Rights, read by a woman whose face is cast onto billowing smoke. The resulting tenderness is palpable and the crowd's participation in the moment is moving. Conversely, Bono's choice to don a bandanna featuring the word "coexist" written with a crescent moon, Star of David, and cross in place of the C, O, and T creates a more intense image and builds tension. Soon afterward, he and drummer Larry Mullen both take turns banging feverishly on a tom-tom brought out onto the catwalk during "Love and Peace or Else" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Many images -- such as Bono and Adam Clayton performing back-to-back amidst an eruption of golden light and a sea of outstretched hands -- are pure magic; others, however, such as Bono pulling the bandanna over his eyes, dropping to his knees, and crossing his hands above his head like a prisoner are poorly lit or engulfed in glare, an unfortunate artistic choice that gives the viewer no clear view of what is undoubtedly the most iconic image from the tour. Frantic cuts to different camera shots during more fast-paced songs are at times too quick to follow, in essence creating a blur. As a whole, however, the program captures a musical performance that the members of U2 may look back on as a seminal moment in their careers. [This Deluxe Edition includes an "after the tour" documentary, an alternative video for "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own," and a host of other bonus goodies.]

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