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Wide Awake In America

Wide Awake In America Front Sleeve

Wide Awake In America
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Release Date: May 1985

Highest Chart Position: UK: 1 USA: 37

Liner Notes:

Bad (Live): Produced by U2. Mixed by Ron St. Germain. A Sort of Homecoming: Produced by Tony Visconti. Location Engineer: Kevin Killen. Recorded live at Wembley and Good Earth Studios. The Three Sunrises: Produced by U2 / Brian Eno / Daniel Lanois. Mixed by U2 / Kevin Moloney. Love Comes Tumbling: Produced by U2. Engineered by Paul Thomas. Mixed by U2 / Kevin Moloney.

Track List:

  1. Bad (Live) (7:59)
  2. A Sort Of Homecoming (Live) (4:04)
  3. The Three Sunrises (3:46)
  4. Love Comes Tumbling (4:41)


  • Australia: Island 842 479-2
  • Brazil: Island 842 479-2, Island 6047177
  • Canada: Island ISM 90279-1, Island ISMC 90279, Island, 422-842 479-2
  • Japan: Island R15D-2010, Island PHCR-4706, Island PHCR-4850
  • South Africa: Island WIP 6677 (No PS)
  • UK: Island ISSP 22, Island CIDU 22, Island IMCD75 / 842 479-2
  • USA: Island 90279-1-A, Island 90279-4-A, Island 422-842 479-2, Island 422-842 479-4, Island PR 774 (No PS / Promo)

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