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Achtung Baby: The Videos, The Cameos, And A Whole Lot Of Interference From ZooTV Front Sleeve

Achtung Baby: The Videos...
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Release Date: May 17, 1992

Duration: 73 Minutes

Liner Notes:

ACHTUNG BABY the truth the whole truth and nothing like the truth WHAT you see is what you get WHAT you see is 1.31 inches of videotape per second. Interference 1: Shash and the picture emerges DREAMS of the past and the future THE HISTORY MIX U2 from the Afghan coat to the present day. Even Better than the Real Thing (Version 1): Directed by Kevin Godley. Produced by Iain Brown for MediaLab at the Mill (London, February, 1992). Interference 2: BERLIN recording HANSA studios belly dancers and no wall ICH BIN EIN TRABANT while men in drag bring the ACHTUNG BABY kicking and screaming into the world (It's all about drums) THAT'S A LIE. Mysterious Ways: Produced by Phillipe Dupuis Mendel - Bandits productions. (Morocco, Oct. 1991). One (Version 1): Produced by Richard Bell - State. (Berlin, February 1992). The Fly: Produced by Ned O'Hanlon and Juliet Naylor - Dreamchaser Productions. (Dublin, September 1991). Interference 3: OFF the record and onto the tour FOUR JERKS and a police escort MEDIA MANIPULATION and the global information network NEVER TRUST a man smoking a cigar IT'S ALL VERY REALISTIC. Even Better than the Real Thing (Dance Mix): Produced by Ned O'Hanlon - Dreamchaser Productions (Dublin, July 1992). One (Version 2): Produced by Carina Rubin - Woo Art International. (New York, February 1992). Even Better than the Real Thing (Version 2): Produced by Armando Gallo - Pittard Sullivan Design, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, May 1992). One (Version 3): Produced by Ned O'Hanlon - Dreamchaser Productions (New York, March 1992). Until the End of the World: Produced by Ned O'Hanlon - Dreamchaser Productions. "Until the End of the World" (Warner Bros.) Special thanks to Wim Wenders. Interference (Numbers 1 / 3 / 7) (25:46 total screen time): Produced by Ned O'Hanlon - Dreamchaser Productions (Spring 1992). THE SHOW'S over THE AUDIENCE starts to REWIND >>. All songs written by U2 and published by Warner Chappell Music (R.O.W.), Blue Mountain Music (U.K.), Mother Music (Ireland). (P) 1991 Island Records Limited, (C) Not Us Ltd. 1992.

Track List:

  1. Interference 1 (Mixed By [History Mix]: Robbie Adams)
  2. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Version 1) (Video Director: Kevin Godley, Video Producer: Iain Brown) (3:41)
  3. Interference 2
  4. Mysterious Ways (Video Director: Stephane Sednaoui, Video Producer: Philippe Dupuis-Mendel) (4:02)
  5. One (Version 1) (Video Director: Anton Corbijn, Video Producer: Richard Bell) (4:34)
  6. The Fly (Video Director: Jon Klein, Ritchie Smyth. Video Producer: Juliet Naylor) (4:52)
  7. Interference 3
  8. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Dance Mix) (Video Director: Ritchie Smyth. Video Edited By: Juniper Calder. Remix: Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne) (4:35)
  9. One (Version 2) (Video Director: Mark Pellington. Video Edited By: Bob Gleason. Video Producer: Carina Rubin) (4:34)
  10. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Version 2) (Video Director & Producer: Armando Gallo. Video Director: Kampah) (3:46)
  11. One (Version 3) (Video Director: Phil Joanou) (4:34)
  12. Until The End Of The World (Video Director: Ritchie Smyth) (4:38)


  • Canada:
    • VHS: Polygram 440-085 557-3
  • Japan:
    • LaserDisc: Polygram POLS1624
  • USA:
    • LaserDisc: Polygram ???
    • VHS: Polygram Video 440 085 557-3

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