Elevation 2001: U2 Live From Boston

Elevation 2001: U2 Live From Boston Front Sleeve

Elevation 2001: U2 Live From Boston
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Release Date: December 3, 2001

Duration: 107 Minutes

Liner Notes:

Filmed on 6th June 2001 at the Fleetcenter, Boston, Massachusetts. Concert Film: Directed by Hamish Hamilton and Produced by Ned O'Hanlon. DVD Elements: Directed by Maurice Linnane, Produced by Ned O'Hanlon. A Dreamchaser production for U2 Limited. Sleeve/packaging design by Shaughn McGrath at Four 5 One, Dublin.

Track List:

  1. Elevation (5:06)
  2. Beautiful Day (4:40)
  3. Until The End Of The World (5:18)
  4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (5:38)
  5. Kite (5:26)
  6. Gone (4:52)
  7. New York (5:53)
  8. I Will Follow (5:11)
  9. Sunday Bloody Sunday (8:04)
  10. In A Little While (6:38)
  11. Desire (2:38)
  12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (4:51)
  13. Bad (6:25)
  14. Where The Streets Have No Name (6:43)
  15. Bullet The Blue Sky (7:56)
  16. With Or Without You (5:23)
  17. The Fly (8:03)
  18. Wake Up Dead Man (1:22)
  19. Walk On (5:12)
  20. Walk On / End Title (2:36)

Bonus Track List:

  1. The Making Of The Filming Of Elevation 2001: U2 Live From Boston (23:54)
  2. Elevation (Bono Cam) (3:58)
  3. Road Movie - Timelapse Of A Day On The Road (6:10)
  4. Beautiful Day (From Dublin, September 2000) (Mixed by: Richard Rainey. Recorded by: Richard Rainey) (4:03)
  5. Elevation (From Miami, 1st Show Souvenir, March 2001) (Director: Jofre Rosero. Recorded by: Joe O'Herlihy) (4:59)
  6. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (Hanover, Dublin and France, July 2001) (Filmed by: James Mather, Joe Edwards. Video Editing: Brian McCue) (4:30)
  7. ZooTV Live From Sydney (Trailer) (1:40)
  8. PopMart Live From Mexico City (Trailer) (2:23)
  9. Until The End Of The World (Bono Cam) (5:09)


  • Australia:
    • DVD: Island 586 543-9
    • VHS: Island 586 543-3
  • Canada:
    • DVD: Island 314-586-543-9
    • VHS: Island 314-586-613-3
  • Japan:
    • DVD: Island UIBI-1001
  • UK:
    • DVD: Island 586 543-9
    • VHS: Island 586 543-3
  • USA:
    • DVD: Interscope 314-586-543-9
    • VHS: Interscope 314-586-613-3

Media Review:

U2: Elevation - Live In Boston

By Mark Reed, DrownedinSound.com

And so the world's biggest band, and the one who've managed to last longer than near enough anyone else without going completely shit - though the most recent album seems to have been treading water somewhat - release their first long form DVD. To make up for the fact that tickets were astronomically overpriced, and venues obscenely small for their audience (or, how shall one put it, about 10% of the people who bought the album and wanted to see them managed to get tickets), there's more than enough U2 here.

Firstly a very well put-together, slick but accurate live video that matches the alleged intimacy of the tour and moves away from the spectacle of the TV to the power of the musicians within the group. Secondly a half hour documentary that seems intent on interviewing anybody who has anything to do with U2 without actually revealing anything about the group at all, which is one of the most curious things about them, the fact that after 23 years they've managed to maintain both the same lineup and not gone shit. Even if Bono's heart-on-sleeve sincerity is a bit erm, grating. God, he really really does mean it doesn't he?

Thirdly you get a multi-angle version of the same gig, a Bootleg Fancam shot on cheap VHS is the venue completely with wonky angles and crap sound, and a Directorcam - who wants to watch the control room for the video cameras alongside the director barking instructions into the mikes for "more closeups! rocking!" - which is completely superflous.

On top of those you get three extra live tracks, including a sort-of-demo of Stuck In A Moment, and a smattering of trailers for other live videos and DVD-links that I can't be bothered to mess around with. Overall, packed to the gills with value, but not entirely necessary to anyone unless you love U2. And if you love U2, this'll make you a very happy bunny.

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