God Part II

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God Part II live version, transcribed by Collin Burgemeestre You can follow for the most part Richard Zangoli's transcription, I only try to add those parts which U2 added for their Lovetown live shows. For this transcription I used the new years night show in Dublin, except for the final part. Some stuff: s/ slide up \s slide down /bu bend up \bd release bend The first verse is bass, bassdrum and Bono only. During the second verse the Edge plays this Don't believe in forced entry E--3-3-3-5\s--------------------------------------------------------------- Just before Edge enters the main riff he plays this fill. B----13--13--- G----11--11--- For the main part see Richard Zangoli's transcription. After the final verse comes Edge's solo. This is Edge's solo: E---s/10-10-------------------s/10-10------------------------------------- B-----------13/bu-\bd-10-10-----------13/bu-\bd-10-10---s/15-15-15-------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------17----17----17----17----17----17----17----17------ B-s/17-17-17-s/20-20-20----20----20----20----20----20----20----20----20--- G------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-17----17----17----17----17----17-20/bu-20- B----20----20----20----20----20------------- G------------------------------------------- Now comes the really fast part. I don't have clue but this comes close. E-20-17-20-17------------------------------------------------------------- G-------------20-17-20-17------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------19-17-19-17------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------19-17-19-17-------------19-17-19-17- A-------------------------------------------------19-17-19-17------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------- This part seems to vary during shows, I like to do this. E--------------------15-14-12----12-------12---------15-14-12-------------------- B-----------------12----------15----15-14----15-14-12---------15-14-12-------14\s G-19-17----------------------------------------------------------------12----14\s D-------19-17-------------------------------------------------------------14-14\s A-------------19----------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats it. If anyone can come up with a better part of that final lick I would really like to now. Collin Burgemeestre ([email protected]) God Part II by U2, Transcribed by Richard Zangoli Another awesome U2 track which, I believe, in hindsight gave an early indication to the change in the U2 sound between Rattle and Hum and Achtung Baby. This is what I could come up with. I'll tab some of the bass for the intro verse. I think it's tuned down half a step. Bono starts singing somewhere here A------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--5--5--5--5---5--5---5--5--5---5--5--5--5---5--5-5---5--5---5---5---5--5---5-- Don't believe in excess success... Don't belive in riches A--5--5--5---5--5---5--5---5--5--5---5--5--5--5--5------------------------------ E--------------------------------------------------------5--5--5--5--5--5--5--- I I believe in love A-----7--7--7--7--7--5--5--5--5---------------------- E--------------------------------------5--5--5--5--5-5-- The simple yet awesome guitar riff is then played- E----------------------------- B----12--14----s/12----14--- and so on and so forth. G----12--14----s/12----14--- D----12--14----s/12----14--- A-------------0-------------0-- E------------------------------ When Bono sings "I, I ,I , believe in love" you can play something like- E------------------------------------------------------- B---9---------7------10--10--10---------10--10------ G---9---------7---------------------12-----12--12--11-- and then go back to the D---9---------7--------------------------------------- main riff A---7---------5----------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- This is the guitar bit where Bono keeps singing "loooove, loooove" E------------------------------------------------------------------------8----- B--s/10--s/10--8---10---------s/10--s/10--8--10-------s/10--s/10---8--10----10-- G------------------------9(?)--------------------------------------------------- The next bit sounds like- E---------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------------- D---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7------------5---------- and so on and so forth. A---x---x---x---x---x---x---x----x----5h7---------------- Then play E A bar E---5---5---5---5---5---5---5----5---------------------- chords then it goes briefly goes back to the riff above . Right at the end there is something that sounds like- E-------------------------------12--12--12--12--12----- B---15--15--15--15--15--15--15--15--15--15--15----- G---14--14--14--14--14--14--14--14--14--14--14------ D----------------------------------------------------------- That should have most of the guitar parts. Hope you like it. Bye. Richard Zangoli ([email protected]) "God Part 2" ---------- chords by: Sergio Lucero, [email protected] E7 Don't believe the devil, I don't believe his book But the truth is not the same without the lies he made up A I don't believe in excess, success is to give E7 I don't believe in riches, but you should see where I live B (Bb) A E7 I......I believe in love I don't believe in forced entry, I don't believe in rape But every time she passes by, wild thoughts escape I don't believe in skid-row, death-row or the gangs I don't believe in the Uzi, it just went off in my hand I......I believe in love I don't believe in cocaine, I got a speed-ball in my head I could cut and crack you open Do you hear what I said ? I don't believe them when they tell me there ain't no cure The rich stay healthy and the sick stay poor I......I believe in love I don't believe in Goldman, his type like a curse Instant karma's going to get him if I don't get him first I don't believe in rock 'n roll can really change the world As it spins in revolution, spirals and turns I......I believe in love I don't believe in the 60's, the golden age of pop You glorify the past when the future dries up I heard a singer on the radio late last night He says he's going to kick the darkness, until it bleeds daylight I......I believe in love I feel like I'm falling I'm spinning on a wheel It always stops beside me with a presence I can feel I......I believe in love CHORDS: E7 0 7 6 7 5 0 A 5 7 7 6 5 5 B 7 9 9 8 7 7 Bb 6 8 8 7 6 6

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