Hawkmoon 269

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HAKWMOON 269 ------------ U2 I though this great U2 song deserved a proper transcription. I have two versions of this song the album version (in B) and the live version (in G). They are BOTH tuned down half a step. First the album version, there's two guitars Gtr. 1 playing mainly two chords: B and Badd4. Keep playing these for the majority of the song changing to A and E for the "as the room spins around" bit: Gtr. 1 (Strum fast) E---7--7-----7--7----|---5--5-----0--0--- B---7--7-----7--7----|---5--5-----0--0--- G---8--8-----8--8----|---6--6-----1--1--- D---9--9-----9--9----|---7--7-----2--2--- A---9--9-----7--7----|---7--7-----2--2--- E---7--7-----7--7----|---5--5-----0--0--- While Gtr. 1 plays on a second guitar plays the following: Gtr. 2 (Strum slow) E---7--7--7----7----7--7--7----7-7-7------------------------------------ B---7--7--7----9----10-10-10---9-9-9------------------------------------ G---8--8--8----9----9--9--9----9-9-9------------------------------------ D---9--9--9----9----9--9--9----9-9-9------------------------------------ A---9--9--9----7----7--7--7----7-7-7------------------------------------ E---7--7--7------------------------------------------------------------- That's about all there is to the album version apart from the 'solo': Gtr. 2 E-------------------------------- B---9b(10)-hold-(10)-r9--9--7---- G-------------------------------- D-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- The live version can be found on the Lovetown documentary and various bootlegs. It has a slide guitar intro but the rhythm is similar to the album, it's in G though (tuned down half step). When playing the intro Edge keeps alternately picking the B and G strings quite fast so this is just a guide. The brackets () mean don't re-pick, just hold the note: Edge: (w/ slide) E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B-----3----3----3----3/(8)---8/(12)----12/(13)----13\(8)----8\(3)---3--- G--0-----0----0----0-------0---------0----------0---------0-------0----- Then this: Edge: (w/ slide) E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B----3----3----3/(8)----8/(12)---12/13----13----13----13/15--13\12---12- G-0----0----0--------0--------0--------0-----0-----0-------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B--12/13---12\(10)---10\(8)---8\(6)---5/(6)---5---1/3------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------------- Bono plays the second guitar strumming G and Gadd4 chords, and F and C for "as the room spins around" bit: Bono: E----3--3----3--3---|---1--1----3--3------ B----3--3----3--3---|---1--1----5--5------ G----4--4----4--4---|---2--2----5--5------ D----5--5----5--5---|---3--3----5--5------ A----5--5----3--3---|---3--3----3--3------ E----3--3----3--3---|---1--1-------------- Edge plays some stuff with the slide including: Edge: (slow slide here) (fast slide here) E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B------3\(1)-(1)-(1)/(3)--------1/(3)--1/(3)--1/(3)--etc.--------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------------- Edge: (w/ slide) E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B----3--5/(6)---5---1---1/(5)\(3)---2-----------1---0------------------- G---------------------------------------2---2--------------------------- He then plays some arpeggio chords followed by the solo: Edge: E-----12--13--12--13-13--12--13--12--10--10----------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------------- Apart from some more arpeggio stuff that's about it. Please send any corrections or improvements to the archive, cheers. jules. [email protected] "Hawkmoon 269" ------------ chords by: Scott Yanoff, [email protected] [Capo on the first fret!] (Recommend trying to play just the "lower" 4 strings to simulate the U2 sound) INTRO: A D A D A D A Like a desert needs rain D Like a town needs a name A D I need your love A Like a drifter needs a room D Hawkmoon A D G G G A D A D I need your love I need your love Like a rhythm unbroken /\ Like drums in the night || Like sweet soul music || Like sunlight NOTE: Right around here Edge I need your love Starts playing the D's like: E--2--3--2--0------------------- B--3--3--3--3------------------- G--2--2--2--2------------------- D------------------------------- A------------------------------- E------------------------------- Like coming home And you don't know where you've been Like black coffee Like nicotine I need your love I need your love I need your love I need your love Ooooooooo ooo I need your love (I need your love) A D When the night has no end A D And the day yet to begin A G-D As the room spins around A D I need your love I need your love (Verses and chorus continue as above) TAB for what Edge plays: (Lots of whammy bar / = slide down) E--4-4-4--4/3-3---/1--------------- Like a Phoenix rising needs a holy tree Like the sweet revenge of a bitter enemy I need your love (I need your love) Like the heat needs the sun, like honey on her tongue Like the muzzle of a gun, like oxygen I need your love (I need your love) I need your love (I need your love) I need your love (I need your love) When the night has no end And the day yet to begin As the room spins around I need your love I need your love Hey! I need your love (I need your love) I need your love (I need your love) I need your love (I need your love) (I need your love) (I need your love) Like thunder needs rain, like a preacher needs pain Like tongues of flame, like a sweet stain I need your love I need your love Like a needle needs a vein, like someone to blame Like a thought unchained, like a runaway train I need your love I need your love I need your love I need your love I need your love (I need your love) I need your love (I need your love) Ow! Like faith needs a doubt, like a freeway out I need your love Like powder needs a spark, like lies need the dark I need your love (Repeat the following at least 9 times:) A D In the heart of the beat of love In the heart of the beat of love

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