Freedom For My People

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This is the tab for Freedom for my people, from U2's Rattle&Hum Album. It was written by Sterling Magee, Bobby Robinson and Macie Mabins. It's Sterling Magee on the guitar and on vocals, and his harmonica sidekick Adam Gussow. To be honest, I can't understand the lyrics very well, so I won't put all of them, this isn't 100% correct. Freedom for my people tabbed by Pedro Gomes aka U2teen Standard Tuning E E ...I want some freedom, for my people, I want some freedom, freedom for my people. Play this until Sterling stops singing, and when the harmonica kicks in, play and A chord. Then, right about when he starts singing again play the E-chord part again. I play the E in this track this way E-0---0--0-0--0 B-0---0--2-2--0 G-1---1--1-1--1 D-2---2--2-2--2 A-2---2--2-2--2 E-0---0--0-0--0 That's all, corrections, suggestions, etc, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Though this is not one of my favourite songs (actually they didn't write it), here are the chords: E A I need some freedom, freedom for my people E I want some freedom. Fade out with: E A enjoy. Davide Pari: [email protected]

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