Slow Dancing

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U2 "Slow Dancing" (Bside for Stay) ------------ F G C A My love is cruel as the night, F G C she steals the sun, and shuts out the light F G Em All of my colors, they turn to blue G Gsus4 G Win or lose... F G C B She does it slooooow dancing F G C sloooooow dancing F G Em F G Gsus4 She does it slooooow dancing G all night long A Scarlet eyes and see-through heart She saw me coming right from the start She picked me up, but I'm down on my knees Just to beg her, beggin' her please B Take me slooow dancing, slooooooow dancing she took me sloow dancing all night long Am C C And I don't know why a man F G C Search for himself in his lover's eyes Am C No I don't know why a man G Gsus4 G Sees the truth but needs the lies A My love is restless as the wind, She blows like a shadow across my skin She left with my conscience, I don't want it back It just gets in the way B You wanna go slooow dancing slooow dancing She took me sloooooow dancing.

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