Sweetest Thing

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"Sweetest Thing" U2 tabbed by Rob Foster regular tuning chorus and echo effects Edge uses a lot of harmonics in this song (same one repeated over and over) I will write HARM1 when you are to play it. It is: e---12-------------- b------------------- g--------12-----12-- d------------------- Intro piano arranged for guitar e---12--------12--------10--------8-- HARM1 b---13--------13--------12-------10-- HARM1 g---12--------12--------12-------10-- d---10---10-------10----------------- a-----------------------10--------8-- Oooh..........................ha ................ Oooh................ e------------- --------------- ---------------- HARM b------------- HARM1 --------------- HARM1 ---------------- g---9h10/12--- --9/10/12---10 ---9/10/12---10- My love she throws me like a rubber ball e---------------- HARM1 b---------------- Play this for the next few lines g--9/10/12---10-- oh the sweetest thing But she wont catch me or break my fall,...oh.....the sweetest thing Baby's got blue skies up a head,..........but in this I'm a rain cloud You know she wants dry kind of love, oh..... the sweetest thing e------------------ HARM1 b------------------ g----9h10p9h10----- I'm losing you e--------10--------------------13----12----10------------8- b---------------------------------------------------------- g--9h10-------10------12/14----------12----10----9h10p9---- d---------------------------------------------------------- I'm losing you Ain't love the sweetest e-------10--------------------13---12----10---------8- b----------10----------------------------------------- g--9/10-------10------12/14--------12----10--9--10--9- d----------------------------------------------------- Now Edge changes his harmonics slightly labeled HARM2: e--12------ b---------- g------12-- thing. I wanted to run, but she made me crawl oh, the sweetest thing e--------------- --------------- HARM2 b--------------- --------------- g---9--10/12--10 HARM ---9--10/12--10 d--------------- --------------- Eternal fire, she turned me to straw oh, the sweetest thing e---------------- HARM2 b---------------- repeat for next few lines g---9h10---9h10-- d---------------- I know i've got black eyes but they burn so brightly for her Guess its a blind kind of love. Oh the sweetest thing I'm losing you woa ....I'm e-----8h10---------------13--12---10/12--10---8----10-- b------------------------------------------------------ g--9--9h10--------12/14------12---10/12--10---9----10-- d------------------------------------------------------ losing you Ain't love the sweet- e-----8h10----------------13h12--10---8------10- b----------------------------------------------- g--9--9h10--------12/14---14h12--10---9------10- d----------------------------------------------- -est thing Ain't love the sweetest thing e---------------8-----8----------------------8-----8------ b--------8---------8-----8---------8------------8-------8- g--9h10-----10----------------9h10----10------------------ d--------------------------------------------------------- a---------------------------8-------------8--------------- Ah............. e----------------------8-----------------------------8------------ b---------8---------------8----------------8------------8--------- g----9h10-------10----------10--9-----9h10----10----------10----9- d----------------------------------------------------------------- a----------------------------------------------------------------- E--8----------------8---------------8-------------8--------------- tiny babe Hah........................ e--------------------------------------------10------12-- b---------------------8-----10----12----13--------------- g------7--9-----10--------------------------------------- d--10---------------------------------------------------- a-------------------------------------------------------- oh my love e13----12--10------------10----13--12--10--13----12-10------10--10- b--------------12--13---------------------------------------------- g------------------------------------------14----12-10--9h10---9--- d------------------------------------------------------------------ Blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl oh,... the sweetest thing e---8-----10-----10-----------8--------12---------13---12--10---10----8----- b--------------------------------------------------------------------------- g-9-9h10-------9-10--------9--9h10/12-------12/14------12--10---10----9---9- You could sew it up but you still see the tear, oh,.... the sweetest thing e--------10/12-----8-----10-------8--------12----8h10---13--13-----12---10------ b------------------------------------------------------------------------------- g-9--10--10/12-----9--10--------9-9h10/12--12----9h10---14--14-----12---10----9- And baby's got blue skies up ahead, but in this I'm a rain cloud e--8---------12--8-----10-------8-------12--------13---12---10---8------ b----------------------------------------------------------------------- g--9--10/12------9h10---------9-9h10/12------12/14-----12---10---9----9- Oh she's a stormy kind of love, Oh,....the sweetest thing e--8----------12--8h10--10---------8---------12---8---13---12--10----8/ b---------------------------------------------------------------------- g--9h10/12--------9h10---------9---9h10/12--------9---14---12---0----9/ Do do do do do .....................so on and so forth........do do do e-/15--15--13---12--13--15h13--12----10/15-15--13----12---13---12--10---8/ b------------------------------------------------------------------------- g-/16--16--14---12--14--16h14--12----10/16-16--14----12---14---12--10---9/ do do do do do.................more do do's.......................do do do do do e-------3-------3-----3-----3-----3---------3-----3-----3-------3------3----- b-1--1--------1-----1-----1-----1---------1-----1-----1-------1------1------- g-----------0--------------------------0h2------------------0------0-----0h2- Do do do do, do do sweetest thing Do do do do, the sweetest thing e------3------3-----3---------3-----------3-----3------8- b---1----1--------1---------1------------1--1---1-------- g-2--------2----2---------0---------0-----------0------9- This took me forever to do so I hope you kids appreciate it!!!! -Rob SWEETEST THING -------------- U2 Tabbed by jules. Here's the main bits for the new verison of Sweetest thing. Main chords: C C C C G.. F F Chours: Dm Dm/C G G Intro harmonic, with delay: E--<12>-------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- Slide guitar (ad lib with this later on): E-------10------12--------13\12\10\8--------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G----/10-----/12-------/14------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- This is the 'solo', repeat a few times: E-------------------8------------------------------ B------------8---------8--------------------------- G-----9h10p9----10--------10--9-------------------- D--10---------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- That's about it as far as guitar goes, apart from the ad lib slides near the end (just play around with the notes given) and the piano obviously. Cheers, jules ([email protected]) p.s. Dm/C X 3 0 2 3 1 ---- The Sweetest Thing ------------------ tabbed by: Scott Yanoff, [email protected] Note: Taken from Issue 13 of Propaganda INTRO: C G/C F /G C G/C F /G The same chord pattern repeats throughout for each of the 3 verses: C G/C F /G C G/C F /G 1. My love she throws me like a rubber ball Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 2. I wanted to run she made me crawl Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 3. Blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 1. But she won't catch me or break my fall Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 2. Eternal fire, she turned me to straw Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 3. You can sew it up but you still see the tear Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 1. Baby's got blue skies over head but in this I'm a rain cloud. 2. You know I got black eyes, but they burn so brightly for her 3. Baby's got blue skies over head and in this I'm a rain cloud. 1. You know she likes a dry kind of love. Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 2. Mine is a blind kind of love. Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing 3. You know we got a stormy kind of love. Ohhhhhh the sweetest thing Dm Dm/C G Dm Dm/C G I'm losing you, yeahhhh heyyyy, I'm losing you, yeahhh Gsus4 /C F/C Gsus4 /C F/C Ain't love the sweetest thing. Ohhhhh the sweetest thing. Ohhhh, yes. ENDING: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh C G/C F /G C G/C F /G C G/C F /G C G/C F /G Ohhhh the sweetest thing Ohhh the sweetest thing. C G/C F C G/C F C

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