She's Gonna Blow Your House Down

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She's gonna blow your house down - U2 ------------------------------------- I found this song on a bootleg CD and it features just Bono and Edge (whamming away on an acoustic). Apprently it was recorded out Long Island Beach in the USA sometime in 1987. Thw rods are very hard to make out so i'll just put the main lines and chords. Oh the tuning is half a step down. Intro: E F#m A (repeat) Repeat with through verses. Chorus: C#m B F# C#m B F# Hey --- the sun is coming round ------- she's gonna blow your house down Thats about it really, if you haven't heard the song it won't make much sense. jules. p.s. I'm leaving university soon so I may not be able to visit the U2 Guitar Archive again. So thanks to everyone for sending in tabs especially Brandon Leniart, Richard Zangoli but to mention a few. Also big thanks to Nathan for keeping the Archive going.

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