I Shall Be Released

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I SHALL BE RELEASED ------------------- U2 (by Bob Dylan) Here's U2's version of Bob Dylan's 'I shall be released'. They performed it with Bob at a concert some time in 1987 from which I transcribed this. Bb Cm They say every man needs protection Dm Cm Bb They say every distance is not near Bb Cm But I remember every face Dm Cm Bb Of every man who put me here Bb Cm I see my light come shinin' Dm Cm Bb >From the west down to the east Bb Cm Any day now, any day now Dm Cm Bb I shall be released They say every man can be replaced They say every man must fall But I swear I see my reflection Some place so high above the wall Standing next to me in this lonely room Is a man who swears he's not to blame All day long I hear him shout so loud Callin' out that he's been framed Chord voicings and Edge's riff: Bb Cm Dm E-1---3---5--|----8--10-10--8-8----- B-3---4---6--|-11----------------11- G-3---5---7--|---------------------- D-3---5---7--|---------------------- A-1---3---5--|---------------------- E-X---X---X--|---------------------- As Bono said, "Simple chords, but not so simple song". jules. [email protected]

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