Holy Joe

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U2 Holy Joe---Garage Mix Here's a first try at this song. Help out with any errors, please. Problems might be in the notation of when to strike string and when to slide. Another definite problem is lyrics. Verse Riff: B D* (quick regrip) -7-7-7-7--!-7-7-7--7-7--0-!! -7-7-7-7--!-7-7-7--7-7--0-!! -8-8-8-8--!-7-7-7--7-7--0-!! -9-9-9-9--!-7-7-7--7-7--0-!! -9-9-9-9--!-7-7-7--7-7--0-!! -7-9-7-7--!---------------!! B D* Verse 1 I, I'm a humble B D* guy. No, really I B D* try. But its hard some- B D* times. B D* Verse 2 B D* You You know ya missed it B D* too. Oh, but love is gonna get B D* through. Here we go again unto you. Chorus riff: E* (E5) E* B B -7-7-7-7--7-7--!---------------!-7---7---7--7--!-------------! -x-x-x-x--x-x--!---------------!-7---7---7--7--!-------------! -9-9-9-9--9-9--!---Repeat------!-8---8---8--8--!--Repeat-----! -9-9-9-9--9-9--!---Previous----!-9---9---9--9--!--Previous---! -7-7-7-7--7-7--!---Bar---------!-9---9---9--9--!--Bar--------! ---------------!---------------!-7---7---7--7--!-------------! Come on Come on!Come on Come on! Be good to me ! E* E* Chorus 1 Come on Come on E* E* Come on Come on B Be good to me Chorus 2: There is a lead layer in the chorus which can be played over the E*,B. We'll show it here in Chorus 2 (it is played in chorus 1). It is very reminiscent of "Paint it Black". It is played entirely on the b string. E* E* B e------------!--------------!--------------------! b-5-5---7-8--!-10--8--7--5--!-4-4--5-7--7-5--4-4-! Come on ! Come on ! Be good to me E* E* B b-5-5---7-8--!-10--8--7--5--!-4--5-5-4--5-5-4---7-5-4-! Come on ! Come on ! Be good to me Post Chorus good ad-lib: b-4---5---4--4--....... Here it comes ! Forward to me... Break: B* D* 2x Verse 3: B D* Please [Tempting me shepard's skeeze? I'd like to know this line.] B D* ease. Sherbert and ice [Champagne was said at PopMart Press Conf.] B D* cream. Say what I want is what I B D* need. Verse 4: B D* Devotion And aprecia- B D* tion. In, you know, a heavy rotati B D* ah-ah-on. Looks good on B D* me. Middle Break [Really sketchy lyrics.] E* Everybody's good stuff Everybody is light D* Those who look down ? On everybody is white, B Yeah... Chorus 3 Chorus 4 Post-Chorus 2 Slide guitar part. All on B string again. This ought to be in the ballpark. / slide up \ slide down b-3/--5----5-5/--7-7\--5-5\3---5/-7-7/-10-10/-12-- b-9/-10-10/---12-12-12/9\12---12-12\-10-10\-9-9\-7 b-7\-5-5\--3\--1\--0-0----1/--3-3/--7-7/---10----- b-5/---10--12---5/---10--9---5/---10/--12---15\--10 b-9-10-9---10/-12--10/-12\---9/10\9/--12-- Figure 1. ! b-10/-12--12\-9-/-12--12--!-Repeat-Figure-1.---! Figure 2. ! b-12/--15-15\-13-13\12/13-!-Repeat-Figure-2----! Reapeat Figure 1.---Repeat Figure 2------------! b-7/-5/-4\-5--7---7/--5/-4-\-5--7--7\--4/5-5/-7--7-- The rest of the song resembles the non-slide chorus fingerings. During the slide part you should have played: Chorus 5 Chorus 6 Chorus 7 Then Non-slide: Chorus 8 Chorus 9 Chorus 10 Fin. The Imperfect Holy Joe

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