J. Swallow

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J. Swallow Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is the B-side for "Fire", and it's available on the "U2 R.O.K." CD, the yellow one with Bono on the front with his early 80's haircut. It also has live versions of 11 O'clock Tick Tock and The Ocean, but certainly not the best performances of them. I'd only recommend getting this CD if you're a die-hard U2 fan. J. Swallow is a nice song, but too short. Niall Stokes, of Hot Press Magazine discribed this song as "a jumbled collage of sounds...recorded under another element, water." It is a little confusing to listen to, especially the lyrics, which I won't attempt to write out--even the U2 Lyric Archive was stumped! Anyway, tune down 1/2 step, and it sounds nice if you use the bridge or bridge/middle pickup. It's not the best transcription, but the beginning part has a major sound, and the vocal has a minor sound. (these two fills can be heard throughout the song) 1------------------------------------------ 2--------------5--------------------------- 3------------------------4-------------x--x 4---2----------------------------2----x--x- 5------------------------------------------ 6------------------------------------------ (slow and distorted) 1--------- 2--------- 3---9b11-- 4--------- 5--------- 6--------- Intro (let notes ring): 1---0--------------------------------------------------------0-- 2-------------2----------------------------------------------0-- 3-----------------------2-------------------------2/4----------- (twice) 4-------------------------------------------------2/4---------- 5------------------------------------------0-------------------- 6--------------------------------------------------------------- 1---0----------------------------------------------------0----2----0------ 2----------2----------------------------------------0-------------------0- 3---------------------2-----------------2/4------------------------------- (twice) 4---------------------------------------2/4------------------------------- 5---------------------------------0--------------------------------------- 6------------------------------------------------------------------------- (then the vocals come in) 1------------------------------------------------------------- 2----------------------0----0------------------------0----3--- 3-------------0-------------3------------------------2----2--- 4---2-----------------------2------------------------2----0--- 5----------------------------0------------------------0------- 6------------------------------------------------------------- (ending) 1---<12>---- 2---<12>---- 3---<12>---- 4----------- 5----------- 6----------- It finishes up with the 1st riff up at the top. If you have a live version of this song with decipherable lyrics, the U2 Lyrics Archive would appreciate them.

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