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Music Videos - The 2010s
2015Song for SomeoneMatt Mahurin
2015Song for Someone (film)Vincent Haycock
2015Every Breaking WaveAoife McArdle
2015Every Breaking Wave (film)Aoife McArdle
2014The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)Izhak Roitman
2014Invisible (RED) Edit VersionMark Romanek
2013Ordinary Love (Paul Epworth Remix)Premo & Jeffers
2013Ordinary LovePremo & Jeffers
2011Even Better Than the Real Thing (360 Remix)Damien Hirst
Music Videos - The 2000s
2009I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy TonightDavid O'Reilly
2009MagnificentAlex Courtes
2009Get On Your BootsAlex Courtes
2006Window in the Skies (Nexus Version)Jonas Odell
2006Window in the SkiesGary Koepke
2006The Saints Are Coming (With Green Day)Chris Milk
2006One (With Mary J. Blige)Paul Hunter
2005Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own (Version 2)Phil Joanou
2005Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your OwnPhil Joanou
2005Original of the SpeciesCatherine Owens
2005City of Blinding LightsAlex & Martin
2005All Because of YouPhil Joanou
2004VertigoAlex & Martin
2002The Hands That Built America (Movie Version)Gareth O'Neil
2002Electrical StormAnton Corbijn
2001What's Going On (Artists Against AIDS Worldwide)Jake Scott
2001Walk On (Version 2: London)Liz Friedlander
2001Walk On (Version 1: Brazil)Jonas Akerlund
2001Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (USA version)Joseph Kahn
2001Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out OfKevin Godley
2001Kite (Live)Hamish Hamilton
2001ElevationJoseph Kahn
2000The Ground Beneath Her FeetWim Wenders
2000Beautiful Day (Eze version)Jonas Akerlund
2000Beautiful DayJonas Akerlund
Music Videos - The 1990s
1999New Day (Wyclef Jean & Bono)Kevin Godley
1999Don't Take Your Guns to TownRichard Rainey
1998Sweetest ThingKevin Godley
1997Staring at the Sun (Miami Version)Morleigh Steinberg
1997Staring at the SunJake Scott
1997PleaseAnton Corbijn
1997Perfect Day (Bono & Various Artists)Gregory Rood
1997MofoMaurice Linnane
1997Last Night on EarthRichie Smyth
1997If God Will Send His AngelsPhil Joanou
1997DiscothèqueStéphane Sednaoui
1996Mission: Impossible (Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Jnr.)Kevin Godley
1995Save the ChildrenEarle Sebastian
1995Miss SarajevoMaurice Linnane
1995Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill MeGodley & Linnane
1994In the Name of the Father (Gavin Friday & Bono)Kevin Godley
1993I've Got You Under My Skin (Frank Sinatra & Bono)Kevin Godley
1993Stay (Faraway, So Close!)Wim Wenders
1993Numb (Video Remix)Pearson & Post
1993NumbKevin Godley
1993Love Is BlindnessMatt Mahurin
1993LemonMark Neale
1992Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild HorsesPhil Joanou
1992Until the End of the WorldRitchie Smyth
1992One (Bono in bar version)Phil Joanou
1992One (Buffalo version)Mark Pellington
1992One (Berlin version)Anton Corbijn
1992Even Better Than the Real Thing (Dance Remix)Richie Smyth
1992Even Better Than the Real ThingKevin Godley
1991The FlyKlein & Smyth
1991Mysterious WaysStéphane Sednaoui
1990Night and DayWim Wenders
Music Videos - The 1980s
1989When Love Comes to TownPhil Joanou
1989All I Want Is YouMeiert Avis
1988Desire (Extended Video Remix)Richard Lowenstein
1988DesireLowenstein & Milburn
1988Angel of HarlemRichard Lowenstein
1987With or Without You (Version 2: Verona)Maurice Linnane
1987With or Without YouMeiert Avis
1987Where the Streets Have No NameMeiert Avis
1987Spanish EyesBarry Devlin
1987Red Hill Mining TownNeil Jordan
1987I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForBarry Devlin
1987In God's CountryBarry Devlin
1987Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)Phil Joanou
1985Sun City (Artists United Against Apartheid)Godley, Creme, Demme & Perry
1985In a Lifetime (Clannad & Bono)Meiert Avis
1985A Sort of Homecoming (Live)Barry Devlin
1984The Unforgettable FireMeiert Avis
1984Pride (In the Name of Love) (Version 2: Faces)Anton Corbijn
1984Pride (In the Name of Love)Donald Cammell
1984Do They Know It's Christmas Time (Bono, Adam Clayton & Band Aid)Bridges & Wright
1983Two Hearts Beat as OneMeiert Avis
1983Sunday Bloody SundayGavin Taylor
1983New Year's DayMeiert Avis
1982A CelebrationMeiert Avis
1981GloriaMeiert Avis
1980I Will FollowMeiert Avis

New Day (Wyclef Jean & Bono) (1999)
Directed by Kevin Godley.
Filmed in New York City, November 1999.
Proceeds from the sale of the single went to Net Aid, an organization set up by Cisco Systems and the United Nations to help the poorest nations in the world, as well as Wyclef's foundation which aids refugees.

Don't Take Your Guns To Town (1999)
Directed by Richard Rainey.
Filmed at Hanover Quay Studios, Dublin, April 1999.

Sweetest Thing (1998)
Directed by Kevin Godley.
Filmed in Dublin, September 1998. Bono apologizes to his wife Ali (seen at the beginning of the video) because he forgot her birthday. Featuring Boyzone and Bono's brother Norman (the cook).
Dublin - phonecall: "We want to shoot something simple and low key in a barber's shop" was the brief. First thoughts... All U2's hairstyles From BOY to POP. Each of the band getting new haircuts on camera. An exchange of haircuts, Adam with Edge's, Bono with Larry's, blah blah etc etc. CUT TO:
Dublin video meeting: The barber's shop concept is dead. We're now staging Bono's apology to Ali for forgetting her birthday and we're not talking chocolates and a bunch of flowers. Producer Ned O'Hanlon, who arrived thinking scissors and wigs, is turning a funny colour as we're planning to shoot one, continuous tracking shot featuring half the population of Dublin and an elephant.
Dublin - shoot: We're losing the light. Bono, plus hand puppet, has delivered 11 takes of Buster Keaton magic but the diva bitch elephant from hell (Belgium actually) hasn't, as yet, deigned to appear in a single shot. Dublin - post: Thank fuck for take 12. - Kevin Godley

Lean On Me (Bono & Various Artists) (1998)
Directed by Mark Gerard.
This was filmed in December 1998 and featured Bono, Kirk Franklin, Crystal Lewis, R Kelly, Mary J. Blige and the Family.

Perfect Day (Bono & Various Artists) (1997)
Directed by Gregory Rood.
Shot in London, December 1997, this unique music video captures dozens of musicians in support of BBC's charity fund for "Children in Need". Artists included in the video are:
00:25 Lou Reed
00:35 Bono (of U2)
00:39 Sky (of Morcheeba)
00:47 David Bowie
00:51 Suzanne Vega
00:56 Elton John
01:06 Boyzone
01:10 Lesley Garrett (opera singer)
01:17 Burning Spear (reggae singer)
01:21 Bono (of U2)
01:25 Thomas Allen (opera singer)
01:29 Brodsky Quartet
01:33 Heather Small (of M People)
01:39 Emmylou Harris (country singer)
01:44 Tammy Wynette (country singer)
01:48 Shane McGowan (of The Pogues)
01:52 Sheona White (young musician of the year, 1997)
01:55 Dr John (R&B singer)
02:00 David Bowie
02:05 Robert Cray (blues singer)
02:09 Huey (of Fun Lovin' Criminas)
02:15 Ian Brodie (of Lightning Seeds)
02:18 Gabrielle
02:24 Dr John (R&B singer)
02:28 Evan Dando (of The Lemonheads)
02:34 Emmylou Harris (country singer)
02:39 Courtney Pine (jazz saxophonist) & BBC Symphony Orch
02:55 Brett Anderson (of Suede)
03:03 Visual Ministery Choir
03:05 Joan Armatrading
03:08 Laurie Anderson
03:16 Heather Small (of M People)
03:25 Tom Jones
03:58 Lou Reed

Mofo (Phunk Force Remix) (1997)
Directed by Maurice Linnane.

If God Will Send His Angels (1997)
Directed by Phil Joanou.

Please (1997)
Directed by Anton Corbijn.

Last Night On Earth (1997)
Directed by Richie Smyth.
Shot in Kansas City, Missouri (with a cameo from William S. Burroughs).

U2 - Last night on Earth by Angkor

Staring At The Sun (Miami Version) (1997)
Directed by Morleigh Steinberg.
U2 were unhappy with the first video, directed by Jake Scott. This rare video was shot by Morleigh Steinberg, Edge's future wife.

Staring At The Sun (1997)
Directed by Jake Scott.

U2 ~ "Staring at the Sun" '97 by seasonwitch

Discothèque (1997)
Directed by Stéphane Sednaoui.
This music video featured U2 dressed up as the Village People.

U2 ~ "Discothèque" '96 by seasonwitch

Mission Impossible (Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Jnr.) (1996)
Directed by Kevin Godley.

Save The Children (1995)
Directed by Earle Sebastian.
Filmed in New York City, October 1995, Bono observes the street life around the sex shops of Times Square as he reinterprets this Marvin Gaye classic.

Miss Sarajevo (1995)
Directed by Maurice Linnane.
Filmed in Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy, and Sarajevo, Bosnia, this video is a montage of three different events: the beauty contest described in the song, the original performance from the 'Pavarotti and Friends' concert, and a tour through the streets of war-torn Sarajevo, under gunfire from the nearby troops.

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (1995)
Directed by Kevin Godley & Maurice Linnane.
From the soundtrack to the movie Batman Forever. Bono battles between two of his alter-egos from the Zoo TV Tour: The Fly and Mr. MacPhisto. This was intended to parallel the conflict between Bruce Wayne's ordinary playboy persona and his crime-fighting Batman persona.

In The Name of the Father (Gavin Friday & Bono) (1994)
Directed by Kevin Godley.
Filmed in Dublin and London, November 1994.

I've Got You Under My Skin (Frank Sinatra & Bono) (1993)
Directed by Kevin Godley.
Filmed in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, California, November 1993.

U2 Bono & Frank Sinatra - I got you under my skin by sauveur2a

Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (1993)
Directed by Wim Wenders.
Filmed in Berlin, October 1993.
The song became an invitation for Wim Wenders for his film "Faraway, So Close", and Wenders also directed the video which was shot in October 1993 in Berlin. It shows U2 as guardian angels who climb down from the sky, a young band while playing their own songs to help. "There is a unique connection between Rock'n Roll and film," Wenders says, "It's great that these energies unite because the two media are best to investigate the spirit of the times and places. I think Bono feels the same way. If one has seen ZOO TV or PopMart, it becomes clear, how much both are connected with reflection about media, language and the future of the pictures. Something happens in U2's music, and in Bono's way of thinking, which is very closely connected with my work." At the scene of the "angel hits the ground" Wenders says in the video: "I was easily shocked when I saw Bono fall on the ground, but he had not injured himself - he was protected." - Martin Wroe

Lemon (1993)
Directed by Mark Neale.
This video was filmed in black and white with a grid-like background as a tribute to Eadweard Muybridge. Muybridge was a photographer who was the first person to successfully capture fast motion on film, using his device, coincidentally named the Zoopraxiscope.

Numb (Video Remix) (1993)
Directed by Josh Pearson & Gardner Post.

Numb (1993)
Directed by Kevin Godley.
Paul McGuinness (U2's manager) and Morleigh Steinberg (Edge's wife) both appear in this video.

Love Is Blindness (1993)
Directed by Matt Mahurin.
A rare music video, it was included on the Numb video single.

Until the End of the World (1992)
Directed by Ritchie Smyth.

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (1992)
Directed by Phil Joanou.
Filmed in Chicago, Illinois, September 1992.

Even Better Than The Real Thing (Dance Remix) (1992)
Directed by Richie Smyth.

Even Better Than The Real Thing (1992)
Directed by Kevin Godley.

One (Bono in bar version) (1992)
Directed by Phil Joanou.

One (Buffalo version) (1992)
Directed by Mark Pellington.

One (Berlin version) (1992)
Directed by Anton Corbijn.
Filmed in Berlin, February 1992.
"What you see in the beginning of the video are circles, U2 stand in a circle and you see the circle of the lamp. A circle is 'one'. That is one reference to 'ONE'. Some others: "Father, Son and Holy Ghost are 'One'. That explains the presence of Bob, Bono's father. And then man and wife are "One" so I have played with that a little bit, each of the band is at some point a woman. There are two cars, one female and one male. Both painted by me by the way. It's all filmed in Berlin where the wall had just come down so that city had become 'one'. There are references to being out of balance when you are on your own although that is open to interpretation, but you see Bob standing on a see-saw. In one image he is standing in front of what was left of the wall at the time, with the year 1955 painted on it where it says '1' underneath. That is also a reference to me but no-one got that I guess. ONE is the video where I have put more time, energy and emotion into than any other video, and when the band turned the result down, it was not an easy time for me. I re-edited it for them but to no avail. Fortunately, they came back on their decision four months later and released it to the world, and I am very grateful for that as I believe it is their best video. But that is a subjective view I know. I have since restored it to its original version but the version on this compilation is the one that was released to MTV." - Anton Corbijn

Mysterious Ways (1991)
Directed by Stéphane Sednaoui.
Filmed in Morocco, October 1991.
"The band wanted to make a video about another culture, another world, paying hommage to Arab culture. With my Egyptian background I was totally into the idea. I chose Fes, a 1500 year old Moroccan city, for a deeper, authentic atmosphere. I hoped that everything would unfold while shooting, but as we started our first day's shooting, as I led crew and band through tiny labyrinthal streets of the Medina, I started to panic: was bringing U2 to Fes making any sense? I wanted U2 to merge with the Arab culture, and not have it look out of place, without making them look stupid, and possibly insulting the Arab world. All day they patiently followed my directions, but every set-up seemed touristy. On the second day, to avoid any more stress, I started with just Bono. I set him up against a beautiful wall and managed, with the help of a distorted mirror, to suggest the kind of blending of the two worlds that I had been looking for. A way to take reality out of both the band and the city, to create a dream, a mysterious place between real world and fantasy. Finally, I was getting somewhere. Bono looked at the takes and got very excited. I was hugely relieved and kept shooting the entire day through the distorted mirror, or any type of glass, that would give that perfect surrealistic layer to every image." - Stéphane Sednaoui

The Fly (1991)
Directed by Jon Klein & Ritchie Smyth.

Night and Day (1990)
Directed by Wim Wenders.
Shot in Berlin, Germany. U2 recorded this song for the AIDS benefit album "Red
Hot + Blue", a tribute to songwriter Cole Porter.

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