The 1980s

Music Videos - The 2010s
2015Song for SomeoneMatt Mahurin
2015Song for Someone (film)Vincent Haycock
2015Every Breaking WaveAoife McArdle
2015Every Breaking Wave (film)Aoife McArdle
2014The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)Izhak Roitman
2014Invisible (RED) Edit VersionMark Romanek
2013Ordinary Love (Paul Epworth Remix)Premo & Jeffers
2013Ordinary LovePremo & Jeffers
2011Even Better Than the Real Thing (360 Remix)Damien Hirst
Music Videos - The 2000s
2009I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy TonightDavid O'Reilly
2009MagnificentAlex Courtes
2009Get On Your BootsAlex Courtes
2006Window in the Skies (Nexus Version)Jonas Odell
2006Window in the SkiesGary Koepke
2006The Saints Are Coming (With Green Day)Chris Milk
2006One (With Mary J. Blige)Paul Hunter
2005Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own (Version 2)Phil Joanou
2005Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your OwnPhil Joanou
2005Original of the SpeciesCatherine Owens
2005City of Blinding LightsAlex & Martin
2005All Because of YouPhil Joanou
2004VertigoAlex & Martin
2002The Hands That Built America (Movie Version)Gareth O'Neil
2002Electrical StormAnton Corbijn
2001What's Going On (Artists Against AIDS Worldwide)Jake Scott
2001Walk On (Version 2: London)Liz Friedlander
2001Walk On (Version 1: Brazil)Jonas Akerlund
2001Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (USA version)Joseph Kahn
2001Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out OfKevin Godley
2001Kite (Live)Hamish Hamilton
2001ElevationJoseph Kahn
2000The Ground Beneath Her FeetWim Wenders
2000Beautiful Day (Eze version)Jonas Akerlund
2000Beautiful DayJonas Akerlund
Music Videos - The 1990s
1999New Day (Wyclef Jean & Bono)Kevin Godley
1999Don't Take Your Guns to TownRichard Rainey
1998Sweetest ThingKevin Godley
1997Staring at the Sun (Miami Version)Morleigh Steinberg
1997Staring at the SunJake Scott
1997PleaseAnton Corbijn
1997Perfect Day (Bono & Various Artists)Gregory Rood
1997MofoMaurice Linnane
1997Last Night on EarthRichie Smyth
1997If God Will Send His AngelsPhil Joanou
1997DiscothèqueStéphane Sednaoui
1996Mission: Impossible (Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Jnr.)Kevin Godley
1995Save the ChildrenEarle Sebastian
1995Miss SarajevoMaurice Linnane
1995Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill MeGodley & Linnane
1994In the Name of the Father (Gavin Friday & Bono)Kevin Godley
1993I've Got You Under My Skin (Frank Sinatra & Bono)Kevin Godley
1993Stay (Faraway, So Close!)Wim Wenders
1993Numb (Video Remix)Pearson & Post
1993NumbKevin Godley
1993Love Is BlindnessMatt Mahurin
1993LemonMark Neale
1992Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild HorsesPhil Joanou
1992Until the End of the WorldRitchie Smyth
1992One (Bono in bar version)Phil Joanou
1992One (Buffalo version)Mark Pellington
1992One (Berlin version)Anton Corbijn
1992Even Better Than the Real Thing (Dance Remix)Richie Smyth
1992Even Better Than the Real ThingKevin Godley
1991The FlyKlein & Smyth
1991Mysterious WaysStéphane Sednaoui
1990Night and DayWim Wenders
Music Videos - The 1980s
1989When Love Comes to TownPhil Joanou
1989All I Want Is YouMeiert Avis
1988Desire (Extended Video Remix)Richard Lowenstein
1988DesireLowenstein & Milburn
1988Angel of HarlemRichard Lowenstein
1987With or Without You (Version 2: Verona)Maurice Linnane
1987With or Without YouMeiert Avis
1987Where the Streets Have No NameMeiert Avis
1987Spanish EyesBarry Devlin
1987Red Hill Mining TownNeil Jordan
1987I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForBarry Devlin
1987In God's CountryBarry Devlin
1987Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)Phil Joanou
1985Sun City (Artists United Against Apartheid)Godley, Creme, Demme & Perry
1985In a Lifetime (Clannad & Bono)Meiert Avis
1985A Sort of Homecoming (Live)Barry Devlin
1984The Unforgettable FireMeiert Avis
1984Pride (In the Name of Love) (Version 2: Faces)Anton Corbijn
1984Pride (In the Name of Love)Donald Cammell
1984Do They Know It's Christmas Time (Bono, Adam Clayton & Band Aid)Bridges & Wright
1983Two Hearts Beat as OneMeiert Avis
1983Sunday Bloody SundayGavin Taylor
1983New Year's DayMeiert Avis
1982A CelebrationMeiert Avis
1981GloriaMeiert Avis
1980I Will FollowMeiert Avis

All I Want Is You (1989)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
Shot in Rome, Italy.

U2 - All I Want Is You by Angkor

When Love Comes To Town (1988)
Directed by Phil Joanou.
Featuring B.B. King and shot on location in Fort Worth, Texas, November 1987 (featured in the Rattle & Hum film). Also the winner of the "Best Video from a Film" award at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards.

B.B. King & U2 "When love comes to town" - Clip... by Zycopolis

Angel Of Harlem (1988)
Directed by Richard Lowenstein.
Shot at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

U2 Angel of Harlem by Celtiemama

Desire (Hollywood Remix) (1988)
Directed by Richard Lowenstein.

Desire (1988)
Directed by Richard Lowenstein & Lynn-Maree Milburn.
Shot in Los Angeles, September 1988.
"Shooting and lighting by myself against a black cyc in a recording studio during the mix of Rattle & Hum. One band member at a time. First thing I'd lit since film-school. Acting like I knew what I was doing. Trying not to let anyone see that I couldn't operate the light meter. Bono flicks through channels on a TV remote. A three person crew in the streets of LA. The Million Dollar Hotel. My trusty old Bolex camera. Now Bono wants one. Editing in a suite at the Chateau Marmont. Enough with the channel flicking already. The extended 12" video version is the best piece of agitprop scratch editing to come from my hands..." - Richard Lowenstein

Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) (1987)
Directed by Phil Joanou.
This video was shot at the LSU Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1987)
Directed by Barry Devlin.
This video was filmed on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 1987.
"Is this the cheapest video ever shot? Our lighting rig consisted of two inkies, we shot about fifteen minutes of film and the documentary crew who were filming "Outside It's America" at the time, did it on their night off. On the other hand we did have 50 million gigawatts of Las Vegas to supplement the inkies; those fifteen minutes were spent with U2 being funny and wicked; and the crew included The Very Great Declan Quinn, and Pam Yates, both of whom went on to have huge careers in film. Cheap or not, it was fun, got nominated for MTV Awards in 5 (count 'em ) categories and gets to accompany my favourite U2 song, bar none. All together now... "I have climbed the highest mountains...". Lucky me." - Barry Devlin

In God's Country (1987)
Directed by Barry Devlin.
A rare video from the 1988 documentary 'Outside It's America', shot in Arizona.

Spanish Eyes (1987)
Directed by Barry Devlin.
A rare video from the 1988 documentary 'Outside It's America', shot in Arizona.

Where The Streets Have No Name (1987)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
Filmed on the rooftop of a liquor store on the corner of 7th and Main street in Los Angeles, California.
"Problem. Reaction. Solution. Order out of Chaos. The video is maybe the best implementation of Post Modern Chaos Theory Marketing. It has been copied a hundred times, but never with the same innocence and surprise, which is where the magic is. What you see is exactly what happened that morning, almost in real time. Paradoxically, we planned this down to the last detail, even spending a week re-enforcing the roof structure to make sure that it wouldn't collapse if fans got up there. Getting busted was an integral part of the plan. We had a backup generator up on the roof so that we could keep shooting in case the authorities pulled the fuse on the primary generator, which they did, very quickly. In the background you can see we rebuilt the sign from the Million Dollar Hotel to create some interest, just in case no one showed. The whole thing was pure rock and roll. Thank you to the fans and authorities who made it happen, safely, and the Beatles." - Meiert Avis

Red Hill Mining Town (1987)
Directed by Neil Jordan.
Filmed in London, February 1987. Considered by many to have been the "holy grail" of unreleased and rare music videos. It finally was officially released after 20 years on the remastered edition of The Joshua Tree collection in 2007. The song is based on the 1984 Miner's Strike in Britain where families and communities were torn apart by the poverty of being on strike and the struggle to keep families together as men became broken with guilt, alcohol and a loyalty to the cause.

With Or Without You (Version 2: Verona) (1987)
Directed by Maurice Linnane.
The alternative version to the original video.

With Or Without You (1987)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
Filmed in Ardmore Studios, Bray, Ireland, October 1987, this music video was the winner of the "Viewer's Choice Award" at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards. The projected images seen throughout the clip were shot by Matt Mahurin.
"A great song and performance that transcend the insane in-camera techniques involved in the execution of the video. It was a magical set to be on. We turned on the banks of huge film projectors and saw the layered giant gauzes light up with dream images. This was the first nipple on MTV. Edge must have noticed, but nobody else did. I wanted to visualize Eno's depth atmospherics, use negative space and restraint to let the feeling of longing haunt the video. Larry, Edge and Adam understood and delivered this perfectly. Bono, thankfully, got bored and took off in a whole other direction after the bridge. This video still takes me to the fair. Thank you Matt Mahurin." - Meiert Avis

In A Lifetime (Clannad & Bono) (1985)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
Filmed in Donegal, Ireland, December 1985.

Sun City (Artists United Against Apartheid with Bono) (1985)
Directed by Kevin Godley, Creme, Jonathan Demme & Hart Perry.
Filmed in New York City, November 1985.
Little Steven arranged the album with Arthur Baker. Notable artists that participated on this song other than Bono included Miles Davis, Lou Reed, Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen.

Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun C
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A Sort Of Homecoming (Live) (1985)
Directed by Barry Devlin.

The Unforgettable Fire (1985)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
This video was shot in Sweden.


Do They Know It's Christmas (Bono, Adam Clayton & Band Aid) (1984)
Directed by Dave Bridges and Rob Wright.
Filmed for Band Aid in London, December 1984.

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas
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Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Version 2: Faces) (1984)
Directed by Anton Corbijn.
Unreleased and rare video.

Pride (In The Name Of Love) (1984)
Directed by Donald Cammell.
Filmed at the SFX Hall, Dublin, August 1984.
"The director of Pride, Donald Cammell, was a friend of Michael Hamlyn's, and introduced by him to the band. Donald was particularly well known for writing and co-directing, with Nicholas Roeg, the cult 60s film 'Performance' starring James Fox and Mick Jagger. The video is fairly straightforward and polished for the time, a performance piece filmed in St Francis Xavier Hall (the SFX Hall) just off Mountjoy Square in north Dublin, one of the very few regular concert venues for punk and rock bands in Dublin at the time. I mainly remember the 1984 hassle of getting the East Link toll bridge raised in synch with the helicopter and holding up the north-south Dublin traffic in the process. It will be interesting to view the river Liffey from the same helicopter position at the end of the video in a few years time, when the new U2 tower will stand, three times high, beside the toll bridge." - James Morris

Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live from Red Rocks) (1983)
Directed by Gavin Taylor.
Filmed in Red Rocks, Colorado, June 5, 1983.
"Mist and heavy rain descended over Red Rocks in Colorado as a young Irish band prepared to perform for their American fans. The rain was so heavy the water had to be swept off the stage and support bands cancelled for safety reasons. The spirits of U2's fans weren't dampened, and the scenes of them walking through the mountains to the venue was reminiscent of a pilgrimage. The band was determined not to let them down and decided their concert would go ahead. As it turned out the weather gave the concert a magical atmosphere. Under such terrible weather conditions we were very lucky that the helicopter was able to fly and captured some breathtaking shots. The local press reported "Was this a religious gathering or a rock concert". The band's performance was magnificent and 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' unforgettable. I recall, before the concert started Barry Fey, the promoter, thanking the fans for coming and saying "You're all going to be a part of history" - how right he was! And how proud I am to have shared the experience." - Gavin Taylor

A Celebration (1982)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
This video was shot in and around Kilmainham Gaol prison in Dublin. This prison was famous for being in several films including 1993's "In The Name of The Father" (where Bono was featured in the soundtrack).

Gloria (1981)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
A very crucial video for U2 because MTV, in their infancy, played it regularly. Shot in Dublin.

I Will Follow (1980)
Directed by Meiert Avis.
U2's first music video, shot in a studio in Dublin, Ireland.

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