October 25, 2023 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Sphere at The Venetian Resort

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las_vegas_sphere_kevinmazur_102523.jpgPhotograph: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Opening Act(s): Pauli "The PSM" Lovejoy


  1. Zoo Station
  2. The Fly
  3. Even Better Than the Real Thing
  4. Mysterious Ways
  5. One - Love Me Tender
  6. Until the End of the World
  7. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
  8. Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World
  9. All I Want Is You
  10. Shallow
  11. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Movin' On Up
  12. Desire
  13. Love Rescue Me
  14. Acrobat
  15. So Cruel
  16. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
  17. Love Is Blindness - Viva Las Vegas
  18. Encore(s):
  19. Elevation - My Way
  20. Atomic City
  21. Vertigo
  22. Moment of Surrender - Where the Streets Have No Name
  23. With or Without You
  24. Beautiful Day - Blackbird - Glorify


U2 perform the twelfth of forty shows at the Sphere at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. Attendance is 18,600; a sellout. Tickets range from $140 to $500 (for presale ticket prices) but many sell at resale prices of $400 to $1,450. The opening music act is Pauli "The PSM" Lovejoy, who is the official Atomic MC / DJ host of the UV Dance Party opening each U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere concert.

Lady Gaga joins U2 on the stage tonight during "All I Want Is You" and sings along with Bono. Here's how Bono introduces her: "We can flip the record over, you see, on our Eno turntable. Do you like our Brian Eno turntable? We love Brian Eno. Now we're not just going to flip the record, I want to flip the script... because well, I tried. Some of you might know that this next song, I tried to write from a woman's point of view, sing it from a woman's point of view, as ridiculous and absurd as that sounds. That was the secret! I kept it until I had a book coming out. Now I sang it to women, but I've never sung it with a woman. I'm going to do just that tonight. Not just any woman, the most audacious, divacious woman in any room she's ever in. Would you welcome to our turntable, the divine, the divinyl, Lady Gaga!" Upon hearing her name announced by Bono, the crowd goes wild and U2 fans are in utter disbelief.

After the song ends, the actress and singer/songwriter from New York City performs "Shallow" with Bono as the rest of the U2 band members play along. The snippet turns into a full length performance with Bono singing on Bradley Cooper's vocal parts (from "A Star is Born"). Afterwards, Lady Gaga remains on U2's giant turntable-stage for guest vocals on "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". Before the performance, the two talk candidly onstage. Bono: "Her Gaga-ness! Did I make it through singing a song for you?" Lady Gaga: "What did you guys think?" Bono: "In a sort of Las Vegas situation, I would ask you questions like: 'How are you?', 'Your Gaga-ness', 'Have you been wandering in the desert?'" Lady Gaga responds: "I was. I was in the desert and I ran into you fucking guys!" Bono laughs and continues: "Yeah, it was an Irish newspaper when we put out The Joshua Tree. It had a really memorable headline: 'Four Pricks in the Desert'. Here we are! Wanderlust! Now, we're more the yucca plant, you're like desert rose might I say!"

Bono continues in his introduction prior to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For": "Now, we wanted to use this moment to talk about our travels and to talk about the person who means so much to us, for our travels. He's kind of the north star of our life on the road. He's more than a promoter. He's more than anything. He's a myth! And his name is Arthur Fogel and it's his birthday this week." Lady Gaga joins in and says: "Happy Birthday Arthur, we love you!" Bono concludes: "And he's looking fight and fit at 70 years old. Thank you Arthur. Happy Birthday! Anyway, this is a pilgrim song and I think it's fitting for Arthur." Upon the song's conclusion, Bono compliments Lady Gaga once again as she leaves the stage: "What a woman! Oh my god! She's many people, many women: Disco diva. Burlesque babe. Jazz singer... with a heart, a heart of rock and roll, I think you'll agree! Alright, I'm in awe of her and all those different sides. Yeah, Lady Gaga, one more time!"

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