June 29, 2005 - Cardiff, Wales - Millenium Stadium


Opening Act(s): Starsailor, The Killers


Vertigo, I Will Follow, The Electric Co., Elevation, New Year's Day, Beautiful Day, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, All I Want Is You, City Of Blinding Lights, Miracle Drug, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love And Peace Or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Where The Streets Have No Name, One. Encore(s): Zoo Station, The Fly, With Or Without You, All Because Of You, Yahweh, Vertigo.


Running To Stand Still is again dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi with a quick 'Happy Birthday' and a bit of 'Walk On' added. Bono namechecks Midge Ure, who is at the show, before One for his help with the Make Poverty History campaign. A great moment occurs at the end of the song, as Bono and The Edge start 'Unchained Melody' and then trail off and let the crowd take over and finish the song in unison.


Quite simply, Awesome.
The boys were on top form all night, can't still believe how they could perform for 2.5 hours ( inc two encores) with such vigour and emotion!
Bono getting everyone in a packed stadium to hold their mob phones out and shine a light was a magical sight.

Absolutelty awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fantastic night. If I said this was a brilliant performance from U2 that would be a gross understatement!! From the moment the band came on stage and performed Vertigo they exuded confidence and befitted their title as the biggest and best band in the world.

From my postion at the back of the stadium, the lightshow and stage production looked awesome as the band played a mixture of their classic tracks and most of the new album. Bono has to be the best front man of any band in the world and must be close to being the best front man ever, and that includes Jagger and Mercury.

There were close on 60,000 people who sang and clapped themselves hoarse throughout the gig. My personal highlights were City of Blinding Lights and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

A night that hopefully will live in my memory for a long time to come!!

My personal favourite moment was after elevation and the crowd just kept doing the whoo hoo bit. I I was lucky enough to be in front row and the band looked blown away. Also when he sang with or without you and he was crouched down at the front of the stage directly opposite me and for a split second i'm convinced he looked directly at me. But then he picked a girl two spaces away!!!!! DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY CONCERT FOOTAGE OF THAT NIGHT?????????

hi sharon - go to if you have a lot of space on you computer, theres a video of the whole concert its about 4 gb. Do a search but it will be under dead, for sum reason but its actually o.k coz - many people have downloaded it.
i am currently downloading this aswell.

Cardiff was absolutely massive, I still haven't come down from it! I was on the pitch this time, pretty close to the enclosure, the atmosphere was amazing. Having just seen them in Croke Park on the Saturday before, I thought nothing could beat that until last Wednesday! The venue was fantastic (good to see the roof closed, making it an indoor concert), the weather had been great on the day, and it was just... a Beautiful Day!
Can't really pick one song which stood out... they were all amazing... if I had to though... Electric Co. perhaps...?
Hope they don't leave it so long to return to Wales next time!

Where Live8 had no sound ---------

With the whole world turned upside down and 3 milliard people tuning in to see or listen to the Live8 concerts throughout the lands, what do you think, what particular corner of this tiny globe turned a deaf ear to all the action? The U2 concert in Vienna on the big day seemingly cared less about the happenings than did the most remote Swiss chalet in the Alps. --------

We purchased our tickets for the July 2 show long before the date for the Live8 campaign became public. At first, we were guessing with great excitement, whether our concert too would become one of the venues uniting the world against poverty. I have been an avid supporter of both The One and the Make Poverty History campaigns since I first heard about them through DATA, and I was quite keen on making my own contribution to the popularization of the movement. I was looking forward to the G8 summit in Edinburgh with great anticipation, and I chilled my disappointment over not being able to be there with the thought that I was going to be in the presence of the one person most in tune with the day’s activities.-------

Bono and U2 were making an appearance at the Live8 gathering in London, we heard the news. How exciting, I thought, we could look forward to a first-hand account of what was happening! Driving all day to make it to Vienna by the evening meant having to miss most of the live coverage. -------

We parked close to downtown, hoping to catch sight of anything Live8 – where we came from, in Budapest, the concerts were broadcasted live on huge monitors. Vienna, however, was busy with a different type of celebrations: the annual rainbow parade occupied all streets and all the attention.---------

No problem, we said, let’s head out to the stadium. Something was bound to take place there.
We entered the stadium shortly before 6 pm, the announced show time. For almost four hours, the summer picnic atmosphere with a chatting, beer consuming concert audience was interrupted only by the opening acts, who carefully – carelessly? – refrained from referring to the events in the outside world. In between, the black screens. The Viennese could well have stayed at home until the last minute of the wait, but the tens of thousands driving in from out of town – or out of country – had no access to television on location. So they joined the ranks of beer consumers.-------

Not a single monitor, nor an MC thought of letting us in on the one subject that occupied the attention of milliards of like-minded people.--------

That’s OK, Bono will tell us, what better person! When it was announced that the boys had landed and were soon to start the concert, we were all excited to hear the news from Hyde Park. All expectations were soon abandoned as we were caught up in the tunes and in the amazing show U2 put on that night. It was truly an unforgettable night. It was only on our way home that I realized: not only updates from the Live8 shows were not offered, but nobody – not even Bono! – mentioned what was going on. Apart from flashing African flags and a few fleeting references, for all we knew, Make Poverty History itself was history.---------

So, for future reference, if you want to hide safely from the noise of the One campaign, find refuge at a U2 concert.*****

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