December 6, 1980 - New York, New York, USA - The Ritz

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11 O'Clock Tick Tock, An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart, Another Time Another Place, The Electric Co., Twilight, The Ocean, Stories for Boys, I Will Follow. Encore(s): Out of Control, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock.


This is U2's first concert in the USA, but it wasn't meant to be; a concert scheduled for the Penny Arcade in Rochester, New York state the previous night is cancelled. U2 receives a positive response from the audience that thrills Frank Barsalona, head of the Premier Talent booking agency.

Fan Review:

By Russel Fuerst

I was a student at University of California at Riverside studying Pre-Law. I happened to have to go to New York with my parents to visit my brother, his wife and his son. His wife was expecting, and he was actually born later that month.

My brother and I happened to go out that evening after dinner and we were walking downtown. We decided to go to nice clubs or hotels and see what bands were playing. Rob, my brother, and I were always into new and local bands. We stopped at the Ritz and there was a sign with a list of bands playing that evening. As originally it is a dance hall, there would be a few bands playing in the early evening till about 11 or 12.

We went in and a band was just finishing their set, as another was taking the stage.
I don't quite recall their name, they were form Long Island, playing some typical early 80's rock. About an hour passed and my brother and I decided to leave to check out more. They announcer announced U2, a band from Dublin was taking the stage and that this was their first time in the US and their first US gig. The welcome was pretty low key, but once U2 kicked off on their set it was amazing.

People began dancing and clapping and actually watching this band play. The first song, that at the time I did not know the name of, caught us right away. It was 11'Oclock Tick Tock (which I find out shortly later). My brother and I had decided to stay and watch their set and it was the most energetic and arousing show we had scene at a local club, hotel or theater since the early 70's. After the 4th or 5th song the lead singer talked for a bit, saying he was from Dublin and these were his mates, and he was surprised and thankful at the warm welcome and energy from the audience.

You ask my why I remember this? Cause I immediately became a U2 fanatic. My brother and I knew this was a band to watch for. We wrote down on a napkin, what we thought were names of the songs. So based upon what was written on the napkin and what I know now of U2, here is the setlist as close as i can remember from writing on the napkin - In paranthesis are what appears on the napkin.

11 OClock Tick Tock (Take Me Home)
An Cat Dubh (A Cat Dubbed - we thought that was what Bono said when he introduced the song)
Into The Heart (Into the Heart of a Child )
Another Time, Another Place (I'll Be With You Now)
Cry-The Electric Co. (If You Don't Know)
Twilight (Twilight)
The Ocean (Dorian Gray? - sequed into )
Stories for Boys (Stories for Boys)
I Will Follow (If You Walk Away)

U2 then left the stage, and the room was clapping and chanting 'encore! encore' and a few minutes later U2 came back on and picked up their instruments and played:

Out of Control (I Had the Opinion)

They left the stage for about 5 minutes and the announcer came back on and said something like he would like everyone to join him in welcoming U2 one more time. They came back out and picked up their instruments. Bono said that it has become tradition for them to play their opening song as an ecnore...and they ripped into

11 O'Clock Tick Tock (Take Me Home) one last time.

The show was amazing and I immediately became hooked to them. So here is the setlist one last time:

11 O'Clock Tick Tock
An Cat Dubh
Into the Heart
Another Time, Another Place
Cry-Electric Co.
The Ocean
Stories for Boys
I Will Follow

Encore: Out of Control

Encore II: 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

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