November 15, 1980 - Bristol, England - Polytechnic

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I Will Follow. Encore(s): I Will Follow. (incomplete setlist)

Fan Review:

By Mike King

As a first year student at Bristol Poly I had the privilege to see U2 in their formative years up close and personal. This was the start of my longstanding and ongoing love affair with the greatest Band on the planet. Although a distant memory, the thing that I recall most was the energy of U2 live. I’d never heard anything quite like it, despite having seen Zeppelin at Knebworth a year earlier. A cliche I know, but they just blew me away. The set was, as you would expect, almost exclusively from Boy as far as I recall. “I Will Follow” was played during the main set, again as one of the first set of encores, and again as a final encore. They played a really tight set as far as my untrained ear could tell, and my impression was of a Band really trying to enthuse a crowd and being carried away with the response, which was electric (sorry, another cliche I know) My final memory (I think) was sharing an end of concert urinal with Adam Clayton (it must have been him with that mop of hair !). Boy was purchased by me the following day and the rest is history. Ironic that I also suffer from Vertigo !!

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