November 14, 1980 - Kidderminster, England - Town Hall

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Fan Review:

By Mark

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the set list - too many loud gigs since. I’d seen the gig advertised in the local press and me and a mate had nothing better to do that night, so we went along to check ‘em out. I hadn’t really heard of them before that night but we were always going to see bands regardless of whether they were known or not. Kiderminster may be a small town but it has quite a history of music running through it. As I remember, it was packed and very loud and they certainly won over the crowd. I remember saying to my mate on our way out after the gig, “these guys are gonna be huge, they’re f#@king ace” didn’t realise then just how big, but I was clearly impressed. So much so, that I took one of the promo posters, that was hanging outside in the street, home with me after the gig to hang on my wall - Superb, simple two colour (black and yellow) with an image of Bono in full flight and the “boy” in the background. Still got it today nicely wrapped up in plastic bag. Been a fan ever since and long may they gig on!

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