May 29, 1980 - Birmingham, England - Cedar Ballroom

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Opening Act(s): Fashion




During the concert, Bono jumps into the audience for what is likely the first time in the band’s young career. The Edge and Adam Clayton soon jump into the crowd moments later, unplugging their instruments accidentally, during which time only Bono’s vocals and Larry’s drumming are the only sounds heard. This physical attempt to make contact with the crowd would continue throughout the band’s early years.

Fan Review:

By Martin

I was there ..

The funny thing was that there was a bus strike in Birmingham that day so I went by car with a couple of friends ..

We really went to see a Birmingham band called “Fashion” who were supporting them on the tour except in Birmingham . How bizarre it was . There were about 30 or so people in the whole place and I distinctly remember Bono jumping off the low stage ( it was a small club) and walking /strutting around the dancefloor saying “in Ireland we call this cabaret” .

Several years later I saw them at the NEC in Brum where Bono referenced the Cedar room concert and said that there were 12 people there … He also said “I hope those 12 people are here tonight” . Well I was but I didnt think he noticed me in amongst the other 12,000….


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