Your Blue Room

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Your Blue Room Music by U2 and Brian Eno Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This song is also tuned down 1/2 step. The film from which the song came, "Par-Dela Les Nuages" ("Beyond The Clouds")is believed to be real, and Edge plays the organ in the song, and Adam speaks the dialogue at the end. As well as being on the Passengers album, it also appeared on the "Staring At The Sun" single, and is without a doubt the best song on the Passengers album. the opening chords are Em, D, F, C here are some of the riffs played along with the verse: 1-------------------------------------------------------------------- 2--------------------------------------12--13---13--12--------------- 3--------------------12---14---14----------------------------14--12-- 4---12h14---14------------------------------------------------------- 5-------------------------------------------------------------------- 6-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1------------------------------------------- 2------------------------------------------- 3---------------------14---12--------------- 4---12---14---12-------------------14---12-- 5------------------------------------------- 6------------------------------------------- 1---------------------------- 2------------------------12-- 3----------------12---------- 4---12h14-------------------- 5---------------------------- 6---------------------------- Em D F C It's time to go again to your blue room Em D F C Got some questions to ask of you in your blue room Em D The air is clean, your skin is clear F C I've had enough fun hanging 'round here Em D F C It's a different kind of conversation, your blue room Em D F C Saw me coming in outside Em D F C Saw me coming somewhere I can hide Em D F C And time is a string of pearls...your blue room Em D F C See the future just hanging there...your blue room Em D A new frame, a new perspective F C Looking down on my objectives Em D F C Your instructions whatever their directions...your blue room Em D F C Saw me coming, east by the moon Em D F C Saw me coming, can you feel 1--------------------17---15-------------------------------------------------- 2---15--17---15------------------17---15---13---12---------------------------- 3--------------------------------------------------------14---12------------12 4----------------------------------------------------------------------14----- 5----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Em D F C One day I'll be back, your blue room Em D F C F Yeah, I hope I remember where it's at, your blue room Em C G D C G D We see me slide.....won't you give me a much for change solo: 1------------------------------------------------------------------- 2------------------------------------------------------------------- 3------------------------------------------------------------------- 4------------------------------------------------------------------- 5------------------------------------------------------------------- 6---0---0h3h5-----0---3---5------5---5---3---3-----3---0-----0h3p0-- 1------------------------------------------------- 2------------------------------------------------- 3------------------------------------------------- 4------------------------------------------------- 5------------------------------------------------- 6---0---3---5------0h3h5---0h3h5---5---5---3---3-- 1------------------------------------------------ 2---8b10r---------------------------------------- 3---------------7p5h7---7p5h7---7p5h7------------ 4---------------------------------------------7-- 5------------------------------------------------ 6------------------------------------------------ Zooming in, zooming out, nothing I can't do without A lense to it all up close, magnifying what no one knows Never in company, never alone, no car alarm, no cellular phone Your Blue Room Intro: D#m, C#, E, B Verse: D#m* C# E B It's time to go again, to your blue room. D#m C# E B Have some questions to ask of you, in your blue room Chorus: are the same for the chorus as it is for the verse Bridge (falcetto) E (high), D#m, B, F#m, C#, B, F#m, C# The lead is played in D# (A string, 6th fret, and played in the 3 fret box (frets 4,5 and 6) on the A and D strings. The Edge plays the lead starting on the open D string, so my guitar is tuned down a half step. Just transpose these notes up one to get in the right key. By: Jason of Canada, [email protected]

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