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Theme From Let's Go Native Music by U2 and Brian Eno Transcribed by Brandon Leniart I think this is in standard tuning, but the bass line bounces around with an Eb and F. Anyway, it's not from a real film, with the "lead character", Barry Boedders, being a possible anagram for "Des Broadbery", one of the studio crew and did the sequencers on "Always Forever Now". It's got a "Fly/Lady With The Spinning Head" type sound, but in F. 1---1-- 2---1-- 3---2-- 4---3-- 5------ 6------ 1---3/1-- 2---3/1-- 3---4/2-- 4---5/3-- 5-------- 6-------- use this for the funky F riff 1------ 2---6-- 3---5-- 4---3-- 5------ 6------

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