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Slug Music by U2 and Brian Eno Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This song is tuned down 1/2 step, in D major. The "director" of this fake film, Peter Von Heineken, is a play on words of U2 manager Paul McGuiness. with much reverb and a long delay (echoes in parentheses): 1---19--(19)--(19)--(19)---17--(17)--(17)--(17)---15--(15)--(15)--(15)-- 2----------------------------------------------------------------------- 3----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4----------------------------------------------------------------------- 5----------------------------------------------------------------------- 6----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1---14--(14)--10---12---12/14--(/14)--(/14)--(/14)-- 2--------------------------------------------------- 3--------------------------------------------------- 4--------------------------------------------------- 5--------------------------------------------------- 6--------------------------------------------------- the verse uses only 2 chords: Dsus2 and C (Dsus2 is a D chord with an open 1st string) play the chord at the last word of each line, with the above notes Don't want to lose my shirt Don't want to dig the dirt Don't want you to get hurt Can't help it, I'm a flirt Don't want to take your drugs Don't want to be your slug Don't want to overdress Don't want to make a mess Don't want you to confess Not under duress Don't want to be untrue I want to be with you Don't want to lose my nerve Don't want to clothe the curve Don't want to make you swerve Don't want what I deserve Don't want to change the frame Don't want to feel your pain Don't want to stay the same

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