Refugee, The

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The Refugee tabbed by U2 version, from "War" (1983) I should mention this sounds best on a guitar tuned down half a step, with a lot of nice, clean, Edge distortion and some small echo or reverb. My crap Venom amp works great for this song. Chords: C (3), B, C C (3): 3 3 5 5 5 3 B: 1 1 3 3 3 1 C: x 3 2 0 1 0 There are "power-chord" versions of C and B here, too, used in the verse. I'll call it Riff 1 for the hell of it. (C) (B) Riff 1: 1 1 3 x x x slide up to 3 3 5 x x x (C) (Play parentheses palm-muted, then hit the chords and slide) E-x------------------------------------------ B-x------------------------------------------ G-x------------------------------------------ D--3->5--------------(3)-(3)-(3)-3->5--------- A--1->3--------------(1)-(1)-(1)-1->3--------- E --1->3--------------(1)-(1)-(1)-1->3--------- It's MUCH easier than I make it sound... listen to the disc (get the UltraDisc version! :>) Got it? Play it at the verses, where I've indicated R1. Bridge: (C) (C) (B) (C) E---------------------------------- B--5-----5--5-5->3-3-->1---------- G-----5-----5-5->3-3---0---------- D-----------5-5->3-3-->2---------- A----------------------3---------- E--------------------------------- Easy, just play the barred C chord arpeggiated, hit the chord, slide down to B, hit it twice, then quickly switch to the regular C chord. I wish I could make it sound as simple on paper as it really is... Here's the lyrics and the chords to go with them. * chords mean you don't have to play them if you don't want to, it sounds good either way. The album is w/out them. The Refugee (nc) Oh oh She's the refugee I see your face I see you staring back at me Oh oh She's the refugee Her mama say one day (R1) She's gonna live in America *(C) In the morning *(B) She is waiting *(C) Waiting for the ship to sail *(B) Sail away (R1) Oh oh (R1) Her papa go to war (R1) He gonna fight But he don't know what for (R1) Oh oh (R1) Her papa go to war Her mama say one day He's gonna come back from far away (DRUM SOLO!!!!) Help me How can you help me? *(C) In the evening *(B) She is waiting *(C) Waiting for her man to come *(B) And take her by her hand *(C) And take her to this promise land (R1) Oh oh She's a pretty face (R1) Born at the wrong time In the wrong place (R1) Oh oh She's a pretty face (R1) Her mama say one day She's gonna live in America Yeah, America Oh oh She's a refugee She's coming down She come and keep you company Oh oh She's a refugee Her mama say one day She's gonna live in America Outro continues the same... Apologies for the incorrect tablature signs, I wasn't thinking straight.

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