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Surrender by U2 Transcribed by Richard Zangoli. Well I saw a transcription of this song on the archive and I don't think it was extremely accurate, or complete in any case. So this is basically a complete transcription which I think is reasonably accurate. I transcribed it from the live version on the Under a Blood Red Sky video and I'm sure that some of it (like the verse chords) is spot on because I watched how Edge played it. The album version varies from it a bit but I very much prefer transcribing live versions (no overdubs, one guitar etc..). So here it is. For the lyrics have a look at the previous transcription. Tune down half a step. The intro is done with natural harmonics- listen to the video for the timing - E-----------12---12----------------12--12------------------------------- B-12--12----12---12-----12--12-----12--12-----12--12----7--7---5--5---7--7--5--5 G-12--12----------------12--12----------------12--12----7--7---5--5---7--7--5--5 D-12--12----------------12--12----------------12--12------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the two chords over the chorus. The first is some version of an E and the second is obviously a D. E----------------------------- E----------------- B-------------------7--7--7-- and just before B-----5---------- G---9--9--x--x--x---7--7--7- etc.. the fist slide solo G------------7---- D---6--6--x--x--x---7--7--7-- this- D----------------- A---7--7--x--x--x------------- A----------------- E---------------------- E------------------- Now for the first slide solo. I actually play this normally (I hate those slide things) so I'll tab it that way. If you want to play it with a slide the notes will be the same so you might just have to change where and how it is played on the fret board. I'm pretty sure that the notes are accurate but you'll have to listen to the song for the timing. E----s/12-----------12----------12------------------12-----------12-------12-12 B-------------15----------15----------15----15------------15----------15-------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---12--s/15------------15------------15-------------15-------15---s/17-----17-- B-----------------17------------17------------17------------------------------20 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---17--s/19--- Play this twice for the first solo and go back to the verse B--------------- chords. The second time the solo is played do the same and G---------------- then play- These are 7th and one 3rd fret harmonics E-----19--s/22----22--s/19------------------------------------------------------ B-------------------------------s/12-s/----------------------------------7----- G-------------------------------s/14-s/----------------------------7----------- D------------------------------------------------------------7-----------------3 A------------------------------------------------------7------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slide all the way down the fretboard here E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----s/20---------------------------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------s/14-----s/12------------14--12-----14-12 D---------------------------------------------------------12---------12--------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The song ends with harmonics similar to those in the intro. So that seems to be enough to play all of it unless I missed something. Hope you like it. Richard Zangoli ([email protected]), signing off, doing my bit to make the U2 Archive complete as possible. Surrender by U2, From the "War" album Voodoo Like most of "War", Surrender is tuned down half a step to Eb. Slide parts come when I get my slide back dammit. Basically all you're playing during the verses is a steady rhythm of A-D-E-D-A A: 5 7 7 6 5 5 D: 5 5 7 7 7 x - I usually don't play the e string, because I'm lazy in that chord shape. E: 7 7 9 9 9 x At the "Surrender..." lines, I usually bar the top two or three strings at the 12th fret on e, hit twice, then slide them down to 10. This is because I don't have my slide; normally this is where it would go. *1= e--12-12/10-10--12----12--12/12-10-10--12----12------- A--12-12/10-10-----12-----12/12-10-10-----12---------- G-------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- e--15--15--15--15--17--17--19----19/up-- A----15--15--15--15--17--17--19--19/up-- G----------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- A D E The city's alight D A With lovers and lies D E Bright blue eyes D A The city is bright D E It's brighter than day tonight *1 Surrender A D E A Surrender A D Sadie said she couldn't E D Work out what it was all about A And so she let go D E D Now Sadie's on the street A And the people she meets you know D She tried to be a good girl And a good wife E Raise a good family D Lead a good life A It's not good enough D E She got herself up on the 48th floor D Got to find out, find out A What she's living for *1 Surrender ~Solo~ Tonight (Rest of song continues same way) Oh, the city's a fire A passionate flame Which knows me by name The city's desire To take me for more and more It's in the street getting under my feet It's in the air, it's everywhere I look for you It's in the things I do and say And if I want to live I've got to die to myself someday Papa sing my sing my sing my song Papa sing my sing my sing my song Papa sing my sing my sing my song Surrender Comments, questions, requests, death threats can be sent to me here, usually: [email protected] More oldies to come as I get more free time.

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