Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long)

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Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long) Music by U2 and Brian Eno Lyrics by Edge? Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is a rare song with Edge taking the lead vocal. It's tuned down 1/2 step and in G minor. Here are the verse chords: Gm C 1---3-----0-- 2---3-----1-- 3---3-----0-- 4---5-----2-- 5---5-----3-- 6---3-------- and the chorus: Am Bb C D 1---5-----6-----8-------10-- 2---5-----6-----8-------10-- 3---5-----7-----9-------11-- 4---7-----8-----10------12-- 5---7-----8-----10------12-- 6---5-----6-----8-------10-- intro: 1---6---5---4---------3-----------------3---6---5-----3---6---5---3----- 2-----------------3----------3h4p3-----------------------------------3-- 3----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4----------------------------------------------------------------------- 5----------------------------------------------------------------------- 6----------------------------------------------------------------------- Gm Hey, see you soon Sail through your room C I'll meet you there Gm Hey, be my friend Stay till the end Don't walk away Am Bb C D Hey, hey, hey, hey Gm Hey, take 'em off Don't talk that way Am Don't feel my lover say Bb C D Hey, hey, hey Gm Chains move that thing Chains we can see My chains way too long Chains in this Chains move that thing Chains we could see My chains way too long I hear my song Hear my song this is the major sounding part at the end: 1----------------------------------------------- 2----------------------------------------------- 3----------------------------------------------- 4----------------------------------------------- 5--------------2---3---5-------------2---3---5-- 6---3---5---------------------5-----------------

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