Beach Sequence

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Beach Sequence Music by U2 and Brian Eno Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is a soothing song tuned 1/2 step down in A major. The piano is played by Bono, and the film the song is from, "Par-Dela Les Nuages" (Beyond The Clouds), is believed to be a real film. 1---3---3-------5-- 2---2---2-------5-- 3---0---0-------6-- 4---0---0-------7-- 5---------------7-- 6---------------5-- 1---------------------------------------- 2---------------------------------------- 3---------------------------------------- 4---------------------------------------- 5-------------------------5---7---5---7-- 6---3---5---3---5------------------------ Bono's piano part: 1---------------------------------------------------------------- 2---14--15--14--15--17--15---17--17--17--17--17--15--14--12--10-- 3---------------------------------------------------------------- 4---------------------------------------------------------------- 5---------------------------------------------------------------- 6---------------------------------------------------------------- Time shoots on by 1-------------------------------- 2-------------------------------- 3---12---14---16---14---12---14-- 4-------------------------------- 5-------------------------------- 6--------------------------------

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