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[lines:Intro: {G} {G}Sunshine, sunshine {G}Sunshine, sunshine {G}{G}{G7}{Dm}Oh, ohhh{Am}{C}{C}{Csus4} {G}{G}{G7}{Dm}Oh, ohhh{Am}{C}{C}{Csus4} Main Riff:
e-------10----|-------10----|----10---10---|------13----13---| B----8------8-|----8------8-|---8----8-----|----15----15-----| G-7-----------|-7-----------|-10---10 --10-|-/14----14----14-| D-------------|-------------|--------------|-----------------| A-------------|-------------|--------------|-----------------| E-------------|-------------|--------------|-----------------| e------12----12---|---8---8------------------| B----13----13-----|--8---8-------8--------8--| G-/14----14----14-|-9---9--9h10--9---9h10--9-| D-----------------|--------------------------| A-----------------|--------------------------| E-----------------|--------------------------|
Verse 1: {Am}I was lost {G}between the midnight and the {FM7}dawning {Em} In a {Am}place of no {G}consequence or {FM7}company {Am}3:33 when the {G}numbers fell off the {FM7}clock face {Em} Speed {Am}dialing {G}with no signal at {FM7}all Chorus 1: {G}Go, shout it out, {G7}rise up {Dm}Oh, {Am}ohhh {C}Escape yourself, {Csus4}and gravity {G}Hear me, cease to speak that I may speak {G7}Shush now {Dm}Oh, {Am}ohhh {C}Force quit {Csus4}and move to trash Verse 2: {Am}I was right {G}there at the {FM7}top of the bottom {Em} On the {Am}edge of the {G}known universe where {FM7}I wanted to be {Am}I had driven {G}to the scene {FM7}of the accident {Em} And {Am}I sat there {G}waiting for {FM7}me Chorus 2: {G}Restart and reboot yourself {G7}You're free to go {Dm}Oh, {Am}ohhh {C}Shout for joy {Csus4}if you get the chance {G}Password, you, enter here, {G7}right now {Dm}Oh, {Am}ohhh {C}You know your name {Csus4}so punch it in {G}Hear me, cease to speak that I may speak {G7}Shush now {Dm}Oh, {Am}ohhh {C}Then don't move {Csus4}or say a thing Bridge: ] [chord:Am Am Am Am] [chord:G C G7 Dm] [chord:Am C C] [chord:G G G7 Dm] [chord:Am C C] [chord:G G G7 Dm] [chord:Am C C] [chord:G G G7 Dm] [chord:Am C C G]

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