Fez - Being Born

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[lines:Intro: Part 1: ] [chord:Am Am Am Am] [chord:Am Am Am Am] [lines:Part 2:] [chord:Eb Eb B B F# F# C# C#] [lines:Part 3:] [chord:Dm Dm Dm Dm Dm Dm Bb Bb] [chord:C Bb Bb Bb] [lines:Chorus: {C}Ooh {Bb}Ooh {C}Ooh {Bb}Ooh Verse: {Dm}Six o'clock On the {Bb}autoroute {Dm}Burning rubber, burning chrome Bay of Cadiz and ferry home {C}Atlantic sea, {Bb}cut glass {C}African sun {Bb}at last Chorus: {C}Ooh {Bb}Ooh {C}Ooh {Bb}Ooh Bridge: ] [chord:D D D D E E C C] [lines:Verse: {Dm}Lights flash past Like {Bb}memories {Dm}A speeding head, a speeding heart I'm being born, a bleeding start The {C}engines roar, {Bb}blood-curdling wail {C}Head first, {Bb}then foot Then heart sets sail Outro: ] [chord:D D D D E E C C] [chord:G G Bm A A A A A] [chord:A A A A]

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