March 2, 2006 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio River Plate


Opening Act(s): Franz Ferdinand


City Of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Elevation, Until The End Of The World, New Year's Day, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Beautiful Day, The First Time (acoustic), Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love And Peace Or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet The Blue Sky, Miss Sarajevo, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Where The Streets Have No Name, One. Encore(s): Zoo Station, The Fly, Mysterious Ways, With Or Without You, Mothers Of The Disappeared, Original Of The Species, All I Want Is You.


With five members of the Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo at tonight's show, Mothers Of The Disappeared makes an appearance in the setlist. Bono also acknowledges them at the end of Miss Sarajevo. Like last night, tonight's show is filmed with high-definition 3D camera rigs for an expected IMAX film release. The show is also broadcast live on Argentina radio 107.9. Bono sings a bit of 'Rock The Casbah' during Sunday Bloody Sunday, and a bit of 'Satisfaction' during The Fly.


Hola! i´m from Bono´s Aires!

Yesterday i went to River bPlate Stadium to saw U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viva Bono!


Eight years later..

The lights of the stadium they are put out and Bond, sheathed in its windbreaker of flag Argentina, says, sings, that that the brightness of the cities it enceguece the more itself about. It is not more than a sweet lie (they recall that we are speaking of one of the largest stars of rock of the planet), but the phrase of "City of Blinding Lights" with the one that opens the "Vertigo Tour" explains a lot about the moment by the one that travel these four Irish decades-proof, especially on this singer that no longer uses the clothes of the cynical personage that interpreted 90, but that continues doing of the ambiguity its better expression.

Bond sees, but does not want to see. Covers itself the eyes with a bandage, but spy by underneath. Thus it moves so much above the setting (in a night as the on Wednesday) like underneath, when is found with the political leaders of the world (of the first one and of the third).

It is coincidence then (here nothing is freed al chance) that the closing of the concert, two hours and room later, find it to Bond grieving for blind loves, wrapped in the beautiful melody of "Love Is Blindness" (fear that closes, also, its better work, "Achtung Baby"). Bond sees, but does not want to see, and when do not they leave it to see dies for spying.

The artistic ambiguity has been the weapon that better has handled U2 during its almost thirty years. Since the same genesis of the name of the band (a myth that never worried about unmasking and that, according to the interpretation, is translated phonetically as the friendly one "vos also", or like the name of an airplane spy that crashed on the old Soviet Union) to these days of political commitment and business multimillionaires.

And this new spectacle is not the exception. Because no matter how more insist itself that "they are more serious" and that Bond now no longer is so ironic and says things as "thanks by giving us a great life", U2 continues being supported in the ambivalence of its acts and words. They are or they are done? What interests, I want more.

Thus it is like the fairy-lights of colors of that extraordinary curtain of fund utilized as screen also enceguece, hypnotizes with its psychedelic forms, and to nobody imports him if this is not the best spectacle in the history of the band... continues being, in its own, unique.

"It is the classical syndrome of the star of rock: I want to entertain me and to save al world", Bond said a pair of years ago and defined the characteristics of its new personage, that that took up again barely begun this century, with a disk that returned to the band to its musical roots. There it is Bond, entertaining and making aware at more than 60 thousand people, although the message, if it is taken with too much seriousness, run the risk of sounding a little distorted by these prairies.

The list of themes of night before last indicates that "Achtung Baby" continues being the album preferred of the band (of there do six songs and they achieve the best segment of the concert with the seguidilla: "One", "Zoo Station", "The Fly" and "Misterious Ways"), that do not neglect never its last creations (include five themes of its last disk) and that still they are shamed of it was "Pop" (engraved album in 1997, of the They include any song); and, of course, that these types have composed a large quantity of sensational songs.

There are summing-ups in favor of the peace in the world (in prose, verse and in gigantic screen) and the inclusion of "Miss Sarajevo" (fear that they recorded next to Pavarotti to benefit of the victims of the former one Yugoslavia) recalls that the commitment is not new; and that Bond is an exceptional singer, be chirped what be chirped or he say what say when himself drop of the setting.

Of the first harmonious one al last, the guitar of The Edge sounds as if were three, and the public is touchd with each gesture, each word and each nostalgic memory and personnel linked with those classics without time neither place (or what is, if not, a theme as "Where The Streets Have Not Name").
Almost on the end, the image of Kirchner becomes related by marriage with that of Bush in the screen in a difficult irony to explain knowingly of its encounter with the Argentine president, hours before. And one it understands again that ambiguous allegory on that Bond sees, although want not.

List of themes

1. City of Blinding Lights
2. Vertigo
3. Elevation
4. Until The End Of The World 5. New Year´s Day 6. I Still Haven´t Found what I´m Looking For
7. Beautiful Day 8. The First Time
9. Sometimes You Can´t Make It On Your Own
10. Love and Peace or Else
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
12. Bullet The Blue Sky
13. Miss Sarajevo
14. Pride (In The Name of Love)
15. Where The Streets Have Not Name
16. One
17. Zoo Station
18. The Fly
19. Misterious Ways
20. With or Without You
21. Fast Cars 22 Yahweh
23. All I Want Is You
24. Love Is Blindness

The list of themes indicates that "Achtung Baby" continues being the album preferred of the band (of there do six songs and they achieve the best segment of the concert), that do not neglect never its last creations and that still they are shamed of it was "Pop"

Bye and sorry for some mistakes that may have my aricule. Spanish will be better

By R. Garcia

An incredible show !
The crowd was so loud that Bono and the band keep looking how they sang and jump every single song.

Just and unbelievable experience !

Spectacular , impressive ,professional , sensitive and very emotional ...that is was the show of U2 left in my eyes , heart and soul ,in fact , at the beginning i felt like my chest was splashing! of blinding lights begans and i can not breath jajaja , the emotion is stronger than my voice , the first song pass , and i`m recovering the air , then ...1, 2, 3 , ...catorce!!!!.

THANK YOU , BONO , LARRY , EDGE ,ADAM... We will miss you.



I can´t explain the feeling... U2 is definitely the best band of the world! The show was amazing, all of us were really exited, we kept on shouting and singing and clapping all the time!!
Thank you Bono, Adam, Larry and The Edge for giving us such a tremendous night, a night I will never forget!

The pictures of de cocert in Buenos Aires

excelent show
the best in the whole world
so as U2,
the best band everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
i was in the gc and i saw everything
these four irish guys are perfect
thanks for that great show
hope they come back SOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!! :)

Impresionante !!!!!!!
Al fin encontre lo que estaba buscando\

The two shows were amazing... I cannot express with words all the emotions I experienced during both nights...Thank you guys for giving us such wonderful and unforgettable moments!!!
We will miss you!!! and look forward to have you here soon!!! This is your second home...
Love... Adriana.

The greatest show on earth! Two thumbs up. The surprise: fast cars, unexpected. 2 hours 29 minutes of the band of my life.

Hola soy un admirador en potencia de la banda mas grande del planeta tengo 36 años y espero no morir sin antes conocer en vivo a los los musicos mas grandes de la historia. saludos

now i know its all about the money
didt see the show but i still ave the tickat
i gess israel is the place of the of Blinding Lights
"morisson live forever"

Hi, I couldnt believed my eyes when I saw Edge, playing the first chords of city of blinding lights. I want more U2!

HI, i from colombia,

Here in Colombia there are very fanns of this excelent group, and we want some day can see a concert in our country.


Irond vasquez
Bogotá D.C. Colombia

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