February 6, 1998 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - River Plate Stadium

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Opening Act(s): Babasonicos & Illa Kuriaki & the Balderramas


Mofo, I Will Follow, Gone, Even Better Than The Real Thing, Last Night On Earth, Until The End Of The World, New Year’s Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love), I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For-Stand By Me, Desire, Staring At The Sun, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet The Blue Sky, Please, Where The Streets Have No Name. Encore(s): Discothèque-Staying Alive, If You Wear That Velvet Dress, With Or Without You, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, Mysterious Ways, One, Mothers Of The Disappeared.

Fan Review:

By Henry Wagner

When we got to the stadium the queue was already long, luckily some friends let us join them near the front. Tonight I brought my camera, and four rolls of 3200 speed B&W film. Security was also really tight here so the only place for it was down my shorts. Running across the pitch was really uncomfortable, what I won’t do to get good concert photos. Christian, Martin, and I got to the front section quickly, and headed for the b stage rail. Unfortunately a local radio station was giving out special wrist bands to lucky fans who mail in a copy their field tickets. They were allowed in early and staked out all the best spots, but we were only about four rows back, a great spot. Darci soon joined us, Elena and Nico headed for the other side of the b stage.

Our plan was to meet up with Raul from Peru before the show, but we never found him. While hanging around the b stage, and meeting local fans and others from around the world we bumped into Raul. After the show we were telling him about the 36 hour bus ride, and the problems we had. We quickly shut up when he said he took the bus all the way from Lima Peru to see the show. His journey was three and a half days, that’s 84 hours in a bus! He said the bus company won an award for offering the longest bus trip in South America. Raul deserves a medal for making that trip, all in the name of love!

After last nights performance I couldn’t even imagine what they could do to top it, but somehow they always do. Tonight U2 were on fire, roaring through every song. The set list was the same up till the end of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Bono sang Stand By Me while looking up at the almost full moon, “When the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we’ll see.” When Edge got to the b stage and put on his acoustic guitar he looked over to Bono and asked “Staring or Desire?” Bono smiled, and jumped into Desire. For only the second time this tour I was able to hear it, amazing. After they finished Bono spotted someone near the b stage with a harmonica, took it, motioned to Edge to continue Desire, and played the full ending. Afterward he said it was off key, but it sounded great!

When the Lemon opened the band was wearing Argentina national football jersey’s, and Bono was holding a ball with disco ball pieces attached. The roar from the crowd was almost deafening.

Bono dedicated One to the sons and daughters who died during Argentina’s military rule. Again they closed the show with Mothers of the Disappeared, Bono mentioned how last night the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo came out. It wasn’t quite as emotional as last night, that moment only comes once, but lingers forever. The audience caught on to “El Pueblo Vencera” and I heard people singing it long after the lights came up.

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