April 24, 1987 - Daly City, California, USA - Cow Palace

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Opening Act(s): Lone Justice


Where The Streets Have No Name, I Will Follow, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, A Sort Of Homecoming, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Exit, In God's Country, Bad, October, New Year's Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love). Encore(s): With Or Without You, Gloria, 40.

Fan Review:

By Mark Stevens

This was a strange night for both the band and the fans. The newly-arrived seats on the floor did not go down well with a few hundred of the audience members, and the beginning of the show was marred by a sizeable disturbance when the usual stage-rush began, with yours truly caught in it's midst. Things got hairy enough for BOTH promoter Bill Graham and band manager Paul McGuiness to come out front on the left-hand (edge's area/stage right) side of the stage to try to calm things down. It took most if not all of "streets" before things settled down and the fan row with security stopped. This wasn't lost on Bono, who was watching us down front from the lip of the stage while nervously eyeing Edge. Unfortunately the rough beginning seemed to carry a bad vibe into the show, and the frayed nerves showed in some rattled playing onstage.
The feeling amongst myself and my mates that all had not gone well was borne out at the end of the show, when Larry threw his drumsticks down in disgust and left the stage clearly unhappy with what had transpired that evening. The next night was to be completely different....

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