June 11, 1983 - Austin, Texas, USA - The Meadows

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Opening Act(s): The Alarm


Out Of Control, Twilight, An Cat Dubh, Into The Heart, Surrender, Two Hearts Beat As One, Seconds, Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Cry, The Electric Co., I Fall Down, October, New Year's Day, Gloria. Encore(s): Party Girl, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, I Will Follow, 40.

Fan Review:

By Dale

This was my second U2 show. It was at a place appropriately named South Park Meadows because that's what it was minus the park part. Yes, a stage stuck in the middle of a big field. Not exactly your ideal concert venue. It was early June, so once the sun went down, the weather was pleasant. Right before sunset, The Alarm took the stage. No one had heard of these guys because this was their first gig in America. They were excited and nervous. Austin audiences are always enthusiastic about good bands and gave The Alarm a warm welcome. The setting sun gave them a beautiful backdrop and created an excellent environment and tone to get the evening rolling.

Right before U2 came on, my future wife and I worked our way right up to front and center. She had never seen U2 before and had no idea what to expect. As usual, U2 came out with guns blazing. The crowd went nuts from the first note. The audience had sat through the opening band, but once U2 hit the stage, everyone was on their feet.

Just like the show the previous year, the concert turned into a dancing love fest. Out in the middle of a big field, everybody had plenty of room to move around. Basically a couple of acres of grass dance floor. Bono was quite surprised how much noise a bunch of Texans could make out in an open meadow. He said we had managed to take a huge field and covert it into an intimate little room.

The show was on par with the Red Rocks show that was shot on video the week before. The band was riding a whole new wave of success and you could see the delight in their performance. Once again, U2 took Austin along for dancing, singing romp. My wife became an instant fan and together we've seen every U2 show in Austin since that magical night.

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I I also went to this U2 show. Perhaps, since you were there and at the front, you could help me with something. I was also at the front, at the catwalk. I'm the girl that Bono pulled up on stage that night. There was a guy there at the front taking photos. Bono motioned for his camera, and Bono took some pictures (I think including a selfie of Bono and me) while I was on stage, then Bono handed the camera back to the guy in the audience. For many years I have wished I could find the guy with the camera - I would love to have some of those photos. I know it's s long shot, but you wouldn't happen to remember this part of the concert, would you? If you have any idea of how I could find the guy with the camera, I would be very grateful if you could share that info with me. Or if you have any photos of the concert that night, I would be forever indebted to you if you could share them with me. I will keep an eye open for your response here and will get in touch with you (we will work out the contact details).

My fingers are crossed that you can help me somehow. :)

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