March 27, 1982 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Sports Arena

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Gloria, Another Time Another Place, I Threw A Brick Through A Window, A Day Without Me, Rejoice, The Cry, The Electric Co., Stories For Boys, I Will Follow, I Fall Down, Twilight, Out Of Control.


Stories For Boys is performed for the very last time.

Fan Review:

By Elizabeth Beech

I remember being so excited to see this show because I loved J. Geils and I loved U2. The tickets went on sale the day we had a school holiday, so my friends and I spent the night in the Tower Records parking lot, so we would be sure to be the first in line. I was so excited because we actually got fantastic seats.

Ok, on to the show...

U2 were on FIRE and Bono looked like he was with those tight, bright red pants he was wearing. Bono just couldn't be contained and he climbed halfway across the arena - most likely searching for fans, since their were LOTS of empty seats near the front. I even recall hearing a few boos while U2 were onstage. Of course, those same people are probably walking around today saying, "Yeah, I saw U2 way back when and they were AWESOME."

I can't recall the setlist or anything that Bono specifically said, but I can tell you that I knew that I was watching a band that was going to be around for a long, long time. I was hooked from that night on. 27 U2 shows later...and I still can't get enough!

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