March 20, 1982 - Providence, Rhode Island, USA - Alumni Hall - Brown University

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A Day Without Me. Encore(s): 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, A Celebration, Twist And Shout. (incomplete setlist)

Fan Review:

By Joe Horrigan

Just a couple of quick notes: The show took place in Alumni Hall. I was in the front row with a few of my friends (we were all students at Brown University) and Bono was in and out of our arms all night long, falling backwards into us after making sure that we were paying attention, with microphone in hand and never missing a beat. We tossed him back on the stage with care each time, but we were all exhausted by the end of the show. Edge was wearing a leopard skin vest, and Larry still had that glockenspeil set up. Bono took my Irish flag and wore it around his neck throughout much of the show, and then draped it over his amp (he was playing a Lead II guitar, e.g. for "A Day Withiout Me"). Towards the end, he picked the flag up and flew it in the breeze of one of the stage fans, and he started talking about what the different colors stood for, and how the white part in the middle was the most important part. I still have that flag - all of the guys signed it after the show (Bono, as per his usual style, wrote "Bono82" on it). The encore of this show was really interesting as they played "Twist and Shout" (yes, The Beatles song) right after "A Celebration", during the encore. I have never seen or heard them play that song again, have you?

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