February 27, 1982 - Denver, Colorado, USA - Rainbow Music Hall

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A Celebration, I Will Follow, Southern Man. Encore(s): I Will Follow. (incomplete setlist)

Fan Review:

By Robin

This was my very first U2 show! The tickets cost just $4 and the place held only 700 people. I sat near the front and watched in amazement as these four guys from Ireland preceeded to whip the crowd into a frenzy. At one point Bono asked what radio stations play U2 songs, there was complete silence in response. He then told us to call our local rock station a request U2 non-stop until they played them.

I didn't really know very many of their songs at the time, but I do remember them playing "A Celebration", Bono introduced it as a song they had only played "a time or two before". I also remember them playing "I Will Follow" twice, once in the main set, and again for an encore. Bono said something like, "I KNOW you've heard THIS one before", and then launched into a very loud sing-a-long of "I Will Follow".

The only other song I totally remember them playing that night was Neil Young's "Southern Man". You see, I was still into Led Zep, Lynard Skynard, and all that other 70's rock, so I really freaked out when they played this one! I appreciated that these guys didn't just get up and play "New Wave" or "Punk" and go on about how much arena rock sucks. To me, they showed that "modern" rock could be something just as great as the music I had grown up with. I left that concert a life-long U2 fan.

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