May 20, 1981 - Rochester, New York, USA - Red Creek

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A concert is planned for tonight, but after having trouble crossing the Canada-U.S. border and seeing that the venue is a dinner club, the band decides not to play there.

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By Anonymous

I moved to Rochester in 1991 and I've heard this story from more than one person. U2 was scheduled to play at Red Creek and they were doing their sound check at some point well before the show. There were some "regulars" at the bar who asked the owner or manager to ask this band to stop playing. Apparently, the owner/manager felt more loyal to his regular beer drinkers and told/asked U2 to stop. U2 refused to stop and they were then told to leave and the show was canceled. I'm not sure how you might verify this but as I said more than one person has shared this story with me.

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