April 3, 1981 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA - Quicksilver's

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Fan Review:

By Syd Dietzer

I too was at this show courtesy of the Warner's rep. I workes at Sound Warehouse in OKC and we played the Boy album constantly. We managed to get one of the local rock dj's to play it on the air and the Warner's people thanked us by taking us to the show. And what a show it was. My normally reserved manager was hit with a full blown case of rocj and roll fever and danced all night long. I remember Bono slipping on an empty beer bottle at one point. The band had such great energy. There were many cowbay hat wearing locals who did not seem to know what to make of this band. Their loss. I don't remeber the Neil Yong cover but by that point I must admit to having far too many beers. We were taken to meet the band afterwards and they were rather shy. I stupidly asked if they had any irish cigarettes to trade. That is an old sailor's thing and I had not been out of the Navy very long at that point. They looked at me as if I were nuts. I probably was. Wonderful show and a memory that I treasure.

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