March 31, 1981 - Austin, Texas, USA - The Club Foot

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I Will Follow. Encore(s): I Will Follow. (incomplete setlist)

Fan Review:

By Keith Pearce

As previously stated, I Will Follow was played twice that night. As was customary in those earlier days, Bono would bring a girl up on stage to dance with him. My girlfriend and I were at the front of the stage and at one point, Bono looked down at the two of us and signaled that he wanted to dance with her.

The stage at Club Foot was approximately 3 ft. high (as measured from the dance floor to the top of the stage), therfore he had to give her a fairly strong pull, and I had to do a little pushing, and the next thing you know she's dancing all over the stage with him. Afterwards, Bono helped to lower her back down and shook my hand in appreciation for letting him dance with my girlfriend. He was a really pleasant fellow.

I still have the ticket stub from that show, and always chuckle when I see the ticket price - $6.00.

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