December 5, 1979 - Covent Garden, England - Rock Garden

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Twilight, Shadows And Tall Trees, Boy-Girl. (incomplete setlist)


Promotional material refers to U2 as “V2” and the setlist is incomplete. A report on this show in Record Mirror mentions the set included a song called Boy Meets Man - and although this may initially seem to be a mistaken title for Twilight, Twilight is correctly named in the very same sentence. It is unknown what the reporter was referring to. This is also the first known concert performance of Twilight, though a February 1979 demo session reveals that it had existed for at least ten months before this show and in all likelihood it was played live repeatedly before this date.

Media Review:

Record Mirror, December 15, 1979

U2: Rock Garden, London

by Alf Martin

How often do you get the feeling? (Not that, you fools.) I mean, how many times have you been to see a band for the first time and you know that they have it.

A few weeks ago, we took the bold step of putting Irish group U2 on our front cover. We’d heard their “Out of Control” single, released on CBS Ireland, and took the chance. It was no chance, they’re worth it. Just wait and see. As the Rock Garden is at the back of our office a couple of the lads popped in to thank us. They were surprised how small some of the London venues are. They hadn’t seen the Rock Garden yet.

Later, at the gig, it didn’t matter if they played to a smaller crowd than they were used to. U2 gave everything they had and more. Their strength is Bono (Paul Hewson), lead vocalist and focal point of the group. But he’s not all of it. Guitar, bass, and drums are all part of it, as well as songs that will have you agreeing with every bit of praise I may give. “Twilight,” “Shadows and Tall Trees,” Boy/Girl,” and “Boy Meets Man” will not only make you stand bolt upright and listen but have you dancing your socks inside out.

Bono had heard about our blase London audiences but he and the rest of U2 changed that tonight. Their confidence, energy, and damn good music got to is all. Even to their manager who bought a couple bottles of champagne for everyone backstage to celebrate. Even the girl behind the bar at the Rock Garden was surprised. She’d worked there two years and had never sold a bottle.

Three days later I went to the Electric Ballroom to see them again. A bigger crowd but now U2 had even more confidence and won even more fans. I’ll be hearing and seeing them again. Unless you keep your eyes and ears closed, so will you. And I bet you get the feeling I’m feeling now.

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