Zoo Station

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"Zoo Station" ----------- tabbed by: Scott Yanoff, [email protected] Sergio Lucero, [email protected] *corrections-*Zoo Station--This song is in A, and I think the tab shows the song like 1- 10 10- In reality it would 2- 8 8 - look like this: 1- 12 12 which would keep it 2- 10 10 in the key of A. This isn't a huge change, but necessary. (from Leniart, Brandon K ([email protected])) Use heavy distortion and make the slides heard. Intro: (Repeat about 12 times) E--------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------- A-12/----------------------------------- E-----3-5------------------------------- (The / means to slide all the way down the string) Second Part of Intro & Also used in Chorus: E-----10---------10--------5--------5--- B---8----8-----8----8----3---3----3---3- G-7----------7---------2--------2------- D--------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------- A I'm ready, ready for the laughing gas G D A I'm ready, ready for what's next Ready to duck, ready to dive Ready to say I'm glad to be alive G D A I'm ready, I'm ready for the push In the cool of the night, the warmth of the breeze G D A I'll be crawling around on my hands and knees Gadd9 D A She's just down the line ... Zoo Station Gadd9 D A Got to make it on time ... Zoo Station I'm ready, I'm ready for the gridlock I'm ready to take it to the street Ready for the shuffle, ready for the deal Ready to let go of the steering wheel I'm ready, ready for the crush She's just down the line ... Zoo Station Got to make it on time ... Zoo Station Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright It's alright...it's alright...it's alright...it's alright Hey baby...hey baby...hey baby...hey baby it's alright, it's alright D/A A Time is a train, makes the future the past G D Leaves you standing in the station A Your face pressed up against the glass I'm just down the line from your love...Zoo Station Under the sign of your love...Zoo Station I'm gonna be there...Zoo Station Tracing the line...Zoo Station I'm gonna make it on time...make it on time...Zoo Station Just two stops down the line...Zoo Station Just a stops down the line...Zoo Station Solo at end: E-------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-----------------------9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-11--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-11--------- D-11---9--7---11---9--7---------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zoo Station(live) Transcribed by Richard Zangoli. I transcribed this song from the Live in Sydney video but most versions don't differ much at all. This should be used with the transcription to this song already on the U2 Guitar Archive(mainly to show where the chord changes are made). Intro- E-------------------------- B------------------------- G------------------------ D---------------------------- A---------------------------- E--17s/-------3----5--------- Slide the note on the 17th fret all the way up the fretboard to the 3rd fret. However, while sliding it up the string, keep on picking it (quite quickly) with both up and down strokes and then play the 3rd and 5th fret notes. After playing this a couple of times play this- E------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------------------etc. D---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--17s/----3---5-----5--5---5---5---5---5--------17s/-------3--5----5---5---5-- Now for the nice riff that Edge plays (here and during the chorus). Form what I hear he picks 2 chords- (X X 12 9 10 12) and (X X 11 9 10 12). This will give you and idea of how to pick it- E-------------------12-------------------12--------------------12------------- B-------10-----------------10-------------------10-------------------10-----10 G-------------9----------------------------------------------------------9---- D-12------------------------------12--------------------12-------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------12------------------12-------------------12--------------- B--------10---------------10-------------------10-----------------10--------10 G----------------9--------------------------------------------------------9-- D11------------------------------11-------------------11---------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play this riff a few times. I think Edge varies it a bit but that's the basic idea. For the verses there isn't much guitar (mainly bass) but it sounds good to play palm muted power chords (of A G and D, which are the verse chords). That is, A (577xxx), G(355xxx) and D(10 12 12 X X X). Alternatively, you could play just the last note of the chords instead (on the big E string). Look to the other transcription for the chord changes. Also, listen for Edge playing the intro riff(the slide from the 17th fret) during the verses every now and then. Just before Bono starts singing "It's alright, it's alright..." there is a pre-recorded synthesiser playing this- E---17--17--17--17--17--17--17---15--15--15--15--15--15s/-- B---17--17--17--17--17--17--17---15--15--15--15--15--15s/-- X2 G--------------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------- Then Edge plays and A power chord a few times (it sounds good if you play this bit with a wah-wah or something similar) - E----------------------------------------------- B--10--10--10--10--10--10--x--x--10--10--10--10-- G--9----9---9---9---9---9--x--x---9---9---9---9- etc... D--7----7---7---7---7---7--x--x---7---7---7---7-- A----------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------- Then the only other bit is the outro and it goes something like this- E------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------10----10----8--7--8-----10--10--10--10-----8--7--8---etc.. and finish G----------------9-----9----9--9--9------9---9---9---9-----9--9--9--- on the A D----11--9---7---7--7--7-----------------7---7---7---7------------ power chord. A------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------- That should have all the guitar parts. Expect some more tabs from me during December/January. Bye, Richard Zangoli

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