Walk To The Water

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Walk to the Water by U2 -B-side for With or Without You Transcribed by Richard Zangoli. Well this is one of my favourite U2 tracks and seeing that there was no transcription to it on the archive and that I'm on holidays, I decided to tab it. I hope somebody uses it because it took me ages to tab out mainly because (as I eventually discovered), the guitar in the song is tuned up a bit, not a whole 1/2 step but more like a 1/4 step. This is unusual for U2 as they usually use standard tuning or tune down to Eb. Anyway, here it is. The chords for the verses seem to be C and Am. The best way to play the song, in my opinion, is to bar the fifth fret and play the chords in arpeggio fashion. To give you an idea of what I mean, here is some tab- C E-----------------------------------------------------------------------5------- B-----5----5----5----5---5----5------5------5----5----5----5----5-------------- G----------------------------------5-------------------------------------------- D--5----5----5----5----5----5-----------5-----5----5----5----5-----5------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Am C E------------------------------------------------------------------- B----------5---------5--------5----------5----------5--------5---- and so on. G------------------------------------5---------------------------- This should D---5----------7---------7-----------------------7--------5------- give you A------------------------------------------------------------------ the general E------------------------------------------------------------------- idea C Am C She said it wasn't cold, she left her coat at home that day Am C She wore white canvas shoes, white canvas shoes, Am C etc... Around her neck she wore a silver necklace, It was given to me by my father she says, it was given to me, She took the back way home, past the lights at Summer Hill Turned left onto the north strand, and on out towards the city, He said he was an artist, but he really painted billboards, In large capital letters, large capital letters He was telling jokes, but nobody else would listen to him, Bridge- This is goes something like- E-----------7-------------7----------------------7---------7-----------7----7--- B----------------8-------------8-------------8-------8----------8--------8-----8 G---9------------------------------9--------------------------------9----------- E----7-------------7--------7---------- B-------8--------------8--------8------ G-----------9------------------------9-- I saw you that day, your lips were cherry red, Your legs were crossed (what a shame!), your arms wide open Your hair was coloured gold, not unlike a field of corn You were blown by the wind, you were blown by the wind Repeat the Em bridge and this is played over it E------12s/-----------12-----------------------12---------------------12-------- B------------------------------15-----------------------13--------------------12 G--------------12----------------------12---------------------12---------------- Walk walk walk to the water walk with me a while...... This is played over the chorus after "to the water"- E----------------10--10---10--10---10--10-------------------0------------------0 B----12---13-------------------------------------13-----12-------12--12---12-- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------0-------0--------0----------0--------------12---------- B---10-----8---8---8-------10-----8--8---8--8--8-------------------------15----- G------------------------------------------------------------12----------------- A room in a wild(?) hotel, sea facing views, A man with a suitcase full of things he doesn't need I'm looking through your window, I'm walking through your doorway, I'm on the outside, let me in, Let me love you let me love you let me... E-------------------------------------10-------------------------------------- B----12--12--12--12--12--12---13----------13--12---10--8---10p8--8----8----8---8 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------10--------------0------------------------10-------------- B------12--13--------13---12--------12---12-----12---13-------13---12---10-10-10 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B---8---10------------------8--10--12----13-s/15-------17----17--17--17--------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walk Walk walk................ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------17---17----12-----10--8--5---3---5---5--5---------12---12----12--12-12 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can start ad libbing here^ but this can be used as a guide E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---10---8--5---1---3---5-----------12---12---12---12---12---13--12--10---12--- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fade out..... E---------12----------12-----------0------0------------------------------------ B---------------------------10-----10----12----12(hold)12-s/13-s/15-s/17-s/12--- G---12--------12---------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------- B--12----12-s/13-s/8----- G------------------------ So that's it. The bit at the end isn't 100% perfect but sounds OK and it should give you enough to figure out something that you think sounds good. Richard Zangoli ([email protected])

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