Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop)

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Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop) Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is the B-side to the New Year's Day single, along with live versions of Fire and I Threw A Brick Through A Window/A Day Without Me--a nice compilation of U2's early works. With one of the most random titles of a U2 song, for whatever reason, it was named after a guy Bono met in New York and wrote a song that was never released. Back in '82 when it was released, it was a sneak peek at the coming new U2 sound--raw, heavy and more focused. It's a rebel song...although Bono's vocals seem uneasy and almost straining to keep from cracking. Edge, however, features some of his best backing vocals of the early days. It's in G minor, and tuned down 1/2 step. It starts off with a phaser, but gets more distorted as the song progresses. Intro/verse (steady down-pick with slight phaser): 1---------------------------|--------------------------| 2---------------------------|--------------------------| 3---------------------------|--------------------------| 4---5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--|--4--4--4--4--4--4--4--4--| 5---------------------------|--------------------------| 6---------------------------|--------------------------| 1---------------------------|---------------------------| 3---------------------------|---------------------------| 4---3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--|--2--2--0--0---------------| 5---------------------------|---------------3--3--5--5--| 6---------------------------|---------------------------| Gm D F C (played with the above chords) 1----------------------------------------------------------- 2----------------------------------------------------------- 3----------------------------------------------------------- 4---8--8--8-7--5-(for 3 bars)--8--8--7--7--5--5--3--3-- (1 bar) 5----------------------------------------------------------- 6----------------------------------------------------------- (lyrics thanks to the U2 Lyric Archive) I like to smile, but I like to mostly stay with you I like good times, but I can't feel this without you By my song, the heart is in the place I sing this song, probably so If I could sigh, I'd tell the world I'd felt with you I like the time I like the feeling when I feel you in my arms I'll take you in my hand, I'll let you go Somebody save me, somebody save me Sing it Sing my, sing my song We sing the same old song loud Solo (this solo is really 2 guitars playing together, and it's kind of dissonant, so I tried to arrange a solo for 1 guitar--just use these notes): 1---18---17---------------------------------------------------------------- 2-------------15---18---------------------17---------------------------17-- 3-------------------------15---15---15--------------15---15---15----------- 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1--18-------17----15-------------------------------15---17---18---17---18---20-- 2------15--------------------------------15---18-------------------------------- 3-------------------------15---17----------------------------------------------- 4------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smile, though your heart breaks in two Touch me when I will be with you 1--------------------------------------------- 2---12---13---10--------12---13------15---13-- 3--------------------------------------------- 4--------------------------------------------- 5--------------------------------------------- 6--------------------------------------------- I like good times, but I can feel it's going wrong You sing the same old song Now I think it's time to get it right 1---19---20---17--------19---20---22---20--- 2------------------------------------------- 3------------------------------------------- 4------------------------------------------- 5------------------------------------------- 6------------------------------------------- Sing out, sing out Sing this same old song If I could swim, I'd swim in circles If I could drown, I'd drown with you If I had enough of my life I can't tell if I had enough of you (end on a G minor chord)

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