Unforgettable Fire, The

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The Unforgettable Fire Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Andy Aledort, sent in by Brandon Leniart intro: A.H. N.H. 1---<8>--(20)-------------------------------------------- 2-------------------------------------------------------- 3-------------------------<7>---------------------------- 4----------------------------------<7>------<12>--------- 5---------------------------------------------------<12>- 6-------------------------------------------------------- verse: (for 5 bars) 1---10------------------------10---------------------------10------| 2------------13--------------------------13----------------------13| 3----------------------14-----------------------------14-----------| 4------------------------------------------------------------------| 5------------------------------------------------------------------| 6------------------------------------------------------------------| (for 3 bars) 1---13-----------------13------------------------------13----------| 2---------17-----------------------17-------------------------17---| 3----------------17-----------------------------17-----------------| 4------------------------------------------------------------------| 5------------------------------------------------------------------| 6------------------------------------------------------------------| Ice--your only rivers run cold These city lights They shine as silver and gold dug from the night Your eyes as black as coal (fill) 1------------------------- 2---8-------10------------ 3--------------------10--- 4---5-------7------------- 5--------------------8---- 6------------------------- chorus: 1------------------------- 2---10----8-----10-----8-- 3---10----9-----10-----9-- 4---10----10----10-----10- 5------------------------- 6---8-----8-----8------8-- Walk on by, walk on through 1---6---6---6---6- 2---8---6---8---6- 3---8---8---8---8- 4---8---8---8---8- 5---6---6---6---6- 6----------------- Walk till you run 1----------------- 2---6---6---6---6- 3---8---7---8---7- 4---8---8---8---8- 5----------------- 6---6---6---6---6- And don't look back for here I am Carnival The wheels fly and the colours spin through alcohol Red wine that punctures the skin (fill, vibrate notes slightly) 1---18--18-----18--18-----18--18- 2-------------------------------- 3-------------------------------- 4-------------------------------- 5-------------------------------- 6-------------------------------- Face to face in a dry and waterless place (repeat chorus) Walk on by, walk on through So sad to beseige your love so head on Stay in this time (fill) 1---13h15p13----------13--------------13----------------113h15p13-| 2--------------15--------------15--------------15-----------------| 3-----------------------------------------------------------------| 4-----------------------------------------------------------------| 5-----------------------------------------------------------------| 6-----------------------------------------------------------------| Stay tonight in a lie I'm only asking, but I think you know 1-------------6-- 2---10---8----3-- 3---10---9----3-- 4---10---10---3-- 5-------------5-- 6---8----8----3-- Come on take me away Come on take me away Come on take me home, home again (string interlude) 1--------------------------------------------- 2--------------------------------------------- 3--------------------------------------------- 4--------------------------------------------- 5---5-----3------------------1--------------3- 6---------------5------1---------------------- 2 bars 2 bars 1---15-------------|-17--------------- 2--------15--------|--------20-------- 3-------------15---|---------------21- 4------------------|------------------ 5------------------|------------------ 6------------------|------------------ (loud string part) 1----------------------------- 2----------------------------- 3---5--7----------------2--3-- 4---5--7----------------2--3-- 5---3--5----------------0--1-- 6----------------------------- And if the mountains should crumble Or disappear into the sea Not a tear, no not I Standing this time Stay tonight in a lie Forever after this love in time And if you save your love Save it all 1---6-------9-- 2---3-------8-- 3---3-------6-- 4---3-------7-- 5---5-------0-- 6---3---------- Don't push me too far Don't push me too far Tonight Tonight (string finale) 1---8-------------5--7--8---7----5--7--8---7--5-- 2---6-------------6--8--10--8----6--8--10--8--6-- 3---7-------------5--7--9---7----5--7--9---7--5-- 4---0-------------0------------------------------ 5------------------------------------------------ 6------------------------------------------------ "The Unforgettable Fire" tabbed by: Marc Virata, [email protected] Dm Bb Ice, your only rivers run cold Dm Bb These city lights, they shine in silver and gold Dm Bb Dm Bb F Dug from the night, your eyes as black as coal C Eb Walk on by, walk on through, walk till you run Bb Dm Bb And don't look back, for here, I am Dm Bb Dm Carnival, the wheels fly and the colors spin, through alcohol Bb Red wine that punctures the skin Dm Bb F Face to face, in a dry and waterless place C Eb Bb Walk on by, walk on thorugh, so sad to besiege your love so head on F C Stay tonight, stay tonight in a lie Eb Bb F I'm only asking but I think you know C Come on take me away Gm Come on take me away A Dm Come on take me home, home again Instrumental Bb Dm Bb Dm Bb Gm A (Now I'm at the part where the violins repeat the chords three times, sounding like "da-Da-DA") Dm Dm Dm (strike three times and accent each with the third the hardest) "da-Da-DA" Bb Bb Bb "da-Da-DA" Dm Dm Dm "da-Da-DA" Bb Bb Bb F "da-Da-DA" C Eb And if the mountain should crumble, or disappear into the sea Bb F Not a tear nor not I, stay in this time C Stay tonight, in a lie Eb Bb Ever after, there's love in time F C And if you save it all, save your love Gm A Dm Don't push me too far, don't push me too far, tonight, tonight

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