Playboy Mansion, The

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The Playboy Mansion By: U2 Lyrics: Bono and the Edge I've seen other transcripts of this posted all over, but I think I've found an easier and more accurate way to play it. (I don't mean to bash anyone else's version of this. I could be 100% wrong and you could be completely right.) NOTE: This sounds really cool if you play it with a little wah. This is the first little riff you hear: E--0----------------------------- B-------0--2--0-------0--2---- G------------------ 1------------ Then play it again and add this to the end. E--------- B--2----- G-----1-- Okay. Then there is a thing that goes along with the sliding. E--2----2----2----2--------------------------------------- B--2----2----2----2--------------------------------------- G--*sometimes Edge hits out on this chord*-- This slide sequence is like this: B--7/5------3/5--- There are a bunch of other riffs throughout the rest of the song. They are just variations of the main riff. If you have any Questions, Comments, Complaints or whatever E-mail me at: [email protected] Transcribed by: Taylor DePamphilis The Playboy Mansion Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono and The Edge Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is Larry's favorite, in E major. intro, with wah: 1------------------------------------ 2------------------------------------ 3----------9------------------------- 4---9/11-------11---9--9------11--11- 5-------------------------11--------- 6------------------------------------ 1------------------------------------- 2------------------------------------- 3-----------9------------------------- 4---9h11---------11--11--9--9--11--11- 5------------------------------------- 6------------------------------------- 1------------------------------ 2------------------------------ 3---------9-------------------- 4---9h11-----11--9-------9--11- 5--------------------11-------- 6------------------------------ 1------------------ 2------------------ 3------------------ 4------------------ 5---11---9--------- 6--------------12-- 1------------------------------ 2------------------------------ 3------------------------------ 4------------------------------ 5---9/11--9--------9--11------- 6-------------12-----------12-- (intro played with this riff, same riff during slide part): 1---------- 2---9---9-- 3---9---9-- 4---9---9-- 5---------- 6---------- E If Coke is a mystery, Michael Jackson...history (use these next 2 riffs as the basis for solos during the verse): 1----------------------- 2---9/10--9------------- 3------------11--9------ 4--------------------11- 5----------------------- 6----------------------- A If beauty is truth 1----------------------- 2----------------------- 3---11--9--------9------ 4-----------11-------9-- 5----------------------- 6----------------------- E And surgery...the fountain of youth C#m F#m What am I to do? C#m A Have I got the gifts to get me through E The gates of that mansion 1------------------ 2---7\5-------3/5-- 3------------------ 4---7\4-------4/6-- 5------------------ 6------------------ E If OJ is more than a drink And a Big Mac bigger than you think A If perfume is an obsession E And talk shows...confession C#m F#m What have we got to lose? C#m A Another push and maybe we'll be through E The gates of that mansion I never bought a lotto ticket, I never parked in anyone's space The banks they're like cathedrals, I guess casinos took their place A E Love come on down, don't wake her she'll come around Chance is a kind of religion Where you're damned for plain hard luck I never did see that movie, never did read that book A E Love come on down, let my numbers come around C#m F#m Don't know if I can hold on C#m A Don't know if I'm that strong C#m F#m Don't know if I can wait that long C#m A Till the colours come flashing and the lights go on E Then will there be no time for sorrow? Then will there be no time for shame? A E Though I can't say why, I know I've got to believe C#m F#m We'll go driving in that pool C#m A It's who you know that gets you through E The gates of the playboy mansion Then will there be no time of sorrow? Then will there be no time for pain? Then will there be no tome of sorrow? Then will there be no time for shame? The Playboy Mansion Music by U2 Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is one of the new U2 songs on the net right now, and I couldn't make out a lot of the lyrics, so I'll just give you the basic chords. It's a slow, rap-like song in E, tuned down 1/2 step. intro (with wah) 1--------------------------------------------- 2--------------------------------------------- 3-------------------9--11--11b13----11-------- 4---9---11---9h11-------------------------11-- 5--------------------------------------------- 6--------------------------------------------- verse: E E A E E A D D Dsus4 E E A 1------|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------| 2---9--|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------| 3---9--|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------| 4---9--|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------| 5------|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------| 6------|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------| chorus: C#m A C#m A -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| riff (slow sliding: 1-------------------- 2---7\5----5----4/5-- 3-------------------- 4-------------------- 5-------------------- 6-------------------- THE PLAYBOY MANSION INTRO PART (You can also use a wah-wah pedal) E (Edge does it on the record) B 5 5 G 4-6 6 4 4 66 4 6 6 4 4 66 D 6 6 A - means Hammer on E the real sign i forgot sorry? E 5 B 4 6 6 4 4 6 4 G 6 6 4 2 4 6 4 2 4 6 2 D (you have to move in time with this bit) A E It`s recomended to play it with the record the first few times. THE SLIDE PART (you hear this little bit a lot of times in the song and the song also fades out with it). E 0 0 0 0 (i forgot what the slide sign was but again B 7 5 3 5 listen to the record to catch the timming). G D A E Mauwer the Man mauwer

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