Race Against Time

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Race Against Time Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart Race Against Time is the 2nd song off the Where The Streets Have No Name single, and does not contain much guitar. The opening bass line contains 2 notes, and was played by The Edge. Bono sings in Swahili, then Larry comes in on the drums, which Larry did in 1 take. I believe the song is in Bm. Intro (bass arranged for guitar) 1)----------------------------------------------- 2)----------------------------------------------- 3)----------------------------------------------- 4)----------------------------------------------- 5)----------------------------------------------- 6)---5h7-7-7---5-5h7-7-7---5-5h7-7-7---5-5--7--5- This is played throughout the song, with occasional overdub fills from The Edge. The only "riff" in the song is the one right before Bono begins singing: (with distortion) 1)------------------------------------ 2)---12----15--14--12--------14---12-- 3)---12----16--14--12--------14---12-- 4)------------------------------------ 5)------------------------------------ 6)------------------------------------ The other main fill is: 1)--------- 2)--------- 3)---6-7--- 4)--------- 5)--------- 6)---------

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