New Year's Day

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NEW YEAR'S DAY (LIVE) --------------------- U2 tabbed by jules. Delay set between 300-400ms with 3-4 repeats, like the album tune down half a step. Here's the harmonics for 'All is quiet, on New years day...' E--<12>-------------------------------------------- B-----<12>----------------------------------------- G--------<12>--------------------<7>--------------- D-----------<12>--------------<7>------------------ A--------------------------<7>--------------------- E-----------------------<7>------------------------ Here's the chords for 'nothing changes on new years day...' G5 A5 A5 G5 G4 E-------------------------------------------------- B--8-8---10-10---10-10---8-8---8-8----------------- G--7-7---9--9----9--9----7-7---5-5----------------- D--5-5---7--7----7--7----5-5---5-5----------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- Play these x2 later on. Riff:1 'I will be with you again' E(0)----------------------------------------------- B---8---8-----10--10--10-----8---8-----8---8------- G-----7---7-----9---9--9-------7---7-----5---5----- D----------------------7--------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- Edge throws in the open E string before playing the Riff during the later choruses. For 'under a blood red sky..' bit run you finger down the third string whilst playing fast with the plecturm catching harmonics. Do this about 4 times. E-------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G-<3>-/-/-/-/-<12>-<12>---------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- Keep playing the chords and riffs above until the piano solo, then guitar solo: Solo: x2 E--19--15--17--12--15--10--12--7------------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------- This is the second part of the solo E----------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------- G------0---0-2-----------0---------------------------- D----0---2-----0-2-----0---2--/10-10-9-5--/10-10-9-2-- A--0---------------0-2-------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------- D--10-10-9-10-12-12-------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- Then it's keep playing Riff 1 till the end. I think that covers all the guitar parts to the song just don't forget to tune down half a step. Keep jammin' jules. [email protected] ---- New Year's Day U2 Originally posted by: [email protected] Corrected/tabbed by: [email protected] Like just about all of "War", this song is tuned down half a step to Eb. Am C Em All is quiet on New Year's Day Am C Em A world in white, gets underway Am C Em And I want to be with you, be with you night and day Am C Em Am Nothing changes on New Year's Day Em On New Year's Day Chorus: G Am I will be with you again G F Am C Em I will be with you again Am C Em Under a blood red sky Am C Em A crowd has gathered in black and white Am C Em Arms entwined, the chosen few Am C Em G Newspaper say, says, say it's true, it's true Am And we can break through G F Though torn in two, we can be one G Am I, I will begin again G F Am C Em Am I, I will begin again, yeah Repeat Chorus and fade out ... Piano part tabbed out for guitar (makes a nice addition to the piano part) e--------------10--12-----8--10--7-------- A----------10----------------------------- G----------------------------------------- Repeat about 3 times D----------------------------------------- B--12------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- e--8-8-7--7--7--7-8-10--12-10-8--10-8--7-8-5--8-7----------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------- That's an easy way to do it, Edge throws some high (~15 on a guitar) notes during live performances, which sound to me to be chaotic, but we all know Edge... The solo: e--19--15--17--12--15--10--12--7----------- A------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------Bar the bass strings and slide up D-------------------------------------1/13-as a transition between B-------------------------------------1/13-the two repeats, sounds E-------------------------------------1/13-cool. Repeat once more. Second part: B------5-2-5-7-0-2--------5-2--10-10-9/5-10-9-9/2-10-9-9-10-12-10 E--0-5--------------0-2-5-------------------------------------------- or B------5-2-5-7-0-2--------5-2--10-10-9---10-9---10-9-9-10-12-10 E--0-5--------------0-2-5---------------10-----7---------------- I like the first method because it looks cooler when you play it. Verses: (This is the way Edge does it live, it's not on the album/single versions) These are played after the line is finished; listen to UABRS and pick it up. All is quiet on New Year's Day... e---------------------------12-12------------------ A---------------------------------12--------------- D------------------------------------12------------ G---------------------------------------12--------- B-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- A world in white gets underway... e---------------------------------12------------ A------------------------------12--------------- D---------------------------12------------------ G------------------------12--------------------- B----------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------- Blah... blah... blah... (This is in the album) Nothing changes on New Year's Day... Dsus4 Esus4 e-------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------8-8-10-10-------- D--------------------------------7-7--9--9-------- G--------------------------------7-7--9--9-------- B-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- On New Year's Day... Dsus4 e----------------------------- A-----------xxx----8-8-------- D-----------xxx----7-7-------- G-----------xxx----7-7-------- B----------------------------- E----------------------------- Chorus: I... will be with you again.... Dsus4 Esus4 e--------------------------------------- A-----8--8--8--8---10-10-10-10-------- D-------7--7--7--7---9---9--9--9------- G--------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------- I got lazy after figuring out the solo tab, so there are varies palm mutes and more repeats on the verses/chorus parts than what I put down, but it's very easy to pick up on from the album, or especially a live version. All the rest of the song's little fills and riffs that you hear are those two chords, Dsus4 and Esus4. The other chords listed in the lyrics above are correct, but they are useful as a key guide only, or perhaps an acoustic version... Comments, corrections, death threats, compliments, etc. can be E-mailed to me at: [email protected] *Corrections Hello this is Ian Smistad from Calgary Alberta Canada .I noticed that there was something wrong with the solo from "New Years Day" so I decided to fix It. The first part is OK except for one little thing e--19-15-17-11-14-9-12-6------- A------------------------------ G------------------------------ D------------------------------ B------------------------------ E------------------------------ The second part sounded WAY off when I tried to play along to the song. You could either put the capo on the 4th fret (and figure out the rest of the chords) or just do in the hard way. B------9--6--11--4--6-----9-6-14-14-13/9-14-13-13/6-14-13-13-14-16-13 E--4--9--------------4-6-9------------------------------------------- As for the rest it looks pretty good from here! Please mail me with any comments or suggestions. I would like to get to meet some other U2 fans from around the world! [email protected]

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