Love Is Blindness

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"Love Is Blindness" ----------------- tabbed by: Harry C. Nye, [email protected] Bm A Love is blindness, I don't want to see G Em Won't you wrap the night around me Bm F# Bm Take my heart, love is blindness In a parked car, in a crowded street You see your love made complete Thread is ripping, the knot is slipping, love is blindness Love is clockworks, and cold steel Fingers too numb to feel Squeeze the handle, blow out the candle, love is blindness Love is blindness, I don't want to see Won't you wrap the night around me Oh my love, blindness C G/B A little death, without mourning F# Bm No call, and no warning C G/B Baby... a dangerous idea F# That almost makes sense Solo: Bm A G Em Bm F# Bm U2: Love is blindness (live solo) Tabbed by Lars Barstad ([email protected]) This is what I could make out from the video of the sydney show... The first part is played with a delay (of course), and The Edge picks each note quite a few times before SLIDING to the next note... To get the timing right, listen to the version on Achtung Baby (note that the ending of the first part is different from what is played live, and the second part is faint on the album version). The transcription of the first part in particular shows you which notes to play rather than HOW to play them... 1st part repeat this twice.. E-|-------------------|------------------------|------------------------------| B-|-------------------|------------------------|------------------------------| G-|-------------------|------------------------|------------------------------| D-|-------------------|------------------------|------------------------------| A-|--14--6--13--14--13|-6--13--14--6--14--13---|--16--13--14--13--14--16--14--| E-|-------------------|------------------------|------------------------------| 2nd part of solo starts here! repeat this for a while... then repeat this a few times E-|-----------|----------------------|-----------------| B-|-----------|----------------------|-----------------| G-|-----------|--15--15--13--15--13--|---------13--15--| D-|-----------|----------------------|-----------------| A-|--16--18---|----------------------|-----------------| E-|-----------|----------------------|-----------------| Love is drowning in a deep well All the secrets and no one to tell Take the money, honey, blindness Love is blindness, I don't want to see Won't you wrap the night around me Oh my love, blindness End: Bm A G Em Bm F# Bm Love is Blindness(live version) by U2 Transcribed by Richard Zangoli. This is a transcription (as complete as I can make it) of the version that U2 of this song that U2 played during the Zoo TV tour. I transcribed it from the version on the U2 Live in Sydney video version but other versions, except perhaps in some parts of the solo, are quite similar. It is to be used in conjunction with the previous chord transcription by H Nye which is on the Archive. Tune down half a step.(note that I haven't tabbed all the strings all the time) Organ intro arranged for guitar- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D----16---14---12---11----11h12s/14--16--14--12--11--11h12s/14--16--14--12--11-- A------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D---11h12s/14--16(hold)--------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edge then comes in with his guitar. The verse chords in the previous transcription sound right but Edge plays it differently live. He bars the 7th fret, forms a Bm chord and then plays the chords arpeggio style, keeping his index finger barring the 7th fret. These sound like the chords that he uses-(I don't know their real names-apart from Bm which is just a Bm- so I'll use the standard names used in the previous transcription)- Bm (799777), A(xx7777), G(x107777), Em(x77777), F#(x911777). Play these arpeggioed chords in the manner and order as in Nye's transcription for the verses (ie. Bm,A, G, Em, Bm,F#,Bm). When the arpeggio is played, make sure that you initially sound the first or first couple of notes of the chord so that the chord change can clearly be heard.For the bit that goes "a little death.." do the same type of thing using these chords(they sound OK but you may want to try some thing slightly different)- C(877777), G/B(x107777), F#(x911777) and Bm(799777). Play them in the same progression as in the previous transcription. (ie C, G/B, F#, Bm, C,G/B,F#).For the arpeggio parts you may wish to capo the 7th fret to make playing them easier. If you do though you might want to change where you play the solo on the fretboard. Now to what you might call Edge's mini solo- E-10--9--------------------------10--9-------9h10--10------10--9h10p9---------- B--------12--12--12--12 -12---------------------------------------------12--12-- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--12---10--10--10------------------------------------------------------------- G-------------------12--12--12--11--11--11--12--12--12--11--11--11--12--12--12-- After this go back to the arpeggio chords but this time play them a bit louder and let the notes ring out a bit more.Now for the main guitar solo(listen to the song for the timing)- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----15--15--15--15--15--15s/7--7--7--7--7--7--14--15--14-14-14s/--7--7--7--7--7 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B--14--14s/15--15--15--15--15--15s/7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7s/15--14--14--14s/--7-7 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--7--7--7s/14-15--15--15--7--7-7-7--7--7--7s/15--14--14--14--14--14--14s/17-17 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--14--14--15--15--14--14--15--15--15--17-17-15--17--17--19--19--19--19--19----- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then play this (or something similar)- E----------------------- 12-----------------------------12----- B---s/14--15--15--14--15---------14--15--15--14----15-------- G------------------------------------------------------------------- Play it a few times gradually more aggressively, starting to bent the B string towards the end when you play it. In the middle of repeating this riff Edge also plays this once(listen out for it)- E----------------12----------12--12------------------ B---14--15--14---15---14-----15--15--14--------------- G------------------------------------------------16-------- After playing it quite a few times he goes to this- E--------17-------------17-----------17-----------------------19------------19-- B-s/19------------19-----------19------------19-------17---------------17------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E-------19-----------------------------------17--------------17---------------17 B-17-----------17s/--------------------s/19--------------19--------------19----- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-------17-----------------19-----------------19---------21--21--21--21s/19--19- B-19---------------17------------------17--------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------17---------17--------------17---------------------19-----------19---- B-s/19-----------19-------------19---------------17------17----------17--------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And then play something similar to the riff that Edge already played, for example,- E----------------------------------------------------12------------------ B------14--14--15--15--14--15--14--15--15-----------------15------- etc.. etc.. G------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now this is the final bit (I'll only tab the last 3 strings)- D---s/9(hold)-----(9)s/11s/12s/14s/16(hold)----16h17p16--16(hold)s/17s/19(hold)- A------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D------21--21--21---19--17--16h17--16--14--12h14--------12h14p12--11------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D---11h12p11---9(hold)------------- A------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------- It was a bit hard to tab the last bit of the solo but it should give you the general idea. Also, the whole song, especially the solo sounds much better which some delay.Am I wrong or is that a fantastic solo?. Have fun Richard Zangoli ([email protected])

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