Ito Okashi

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Ito Okashi Music by U2, Brian Eno, and Akiko Kobayashi Lyrics by ? Transcribed by Brandon Leniart There isn't much to this song either, just tune down 1/2 step and play an E minor chord over the chimes through a rotary speaker. The title means "very interesting", or "very pleasant", although it's been rumored to be a sentence in English, if you rearrange the spaces...(I took a shi-), but this is unlikely. 1----------------12----------------12-----------------------------12-- 2---------12---------------15----------------12----13-----15---------- 3---12---------------------------------------------------------------- 4--------------------------------------------------------------------- 5--------------------------------------------------------------------- 6--------------------------------------------------------------------- Utsukushiki mononi tuite katarimasho Chikyujono anatano sugu chikakuno Omomukino arumononi tuite Muneno kodoo takameru monomo yoni Kito narikaa ito akashi (let's talk about something beautiful) (on the face of this earth, something very close to you) (about something that is tasteful) (like something that makes the heart beat faster) (certainly something is very interesting/pleasant)

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